This year’s been quite the ride! From launching VREA Cosmetics (and what a launch it’s been thanks to YOU), to launching my own podcast.

For years, many of you have been asking  or telling me I should have a podcast, and the time is finally right. I couldn’t be more excited, and also really thankful because Dear Media has made it possible. Dear Media houses pods like The Skinny Confidential Him and Her, Pretty Smart and Life with Marianna among many other incredible voices; voices which I’ve been listening to and following for a long time. Can’t believe I’m one of those voices now!

This podcast will be your go-to resource for everything business and wellness. From career and money to mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  A lot of energy will be poured into making sure the episodes will give you very granular, very detailed tips, real-life tactics and advice. A lot of value! A lot of inspiration, and a shit ton of tangible, applicable tactics and plans of action that will elevate you professionally AND personally. Think… effective marketing strategies, how to close more sales, how to be more persuasive, build more resilience and have more willpower… The must-have habits that drive success, increasing self confidence, self-care, how to overcome fears, effectively lower stress and anxiety, become a better decision maker, and more!

The approach I’ve followed my entire life, is to engage  both sides of the brain in order to achieve what I want. I’ll bring that into the podcast for you. Each episode is designed to blend sequencing, linear thinking and logic, with holistic thinking and triggering imagination. 

An example to give you an idea, would be using analytical thought and methodology to trigger creativity, while using imagination and intuition to tackle linear tasks.
I believe it is important to unite thoughts, merge tactics and ideas and take advantage of all the crayons in your box so to speak.

Anywhere you listen to podcasts. I have the link to the Apple version here. and the Spotify link is here.

Every Tuesday.

And now that we’re caught up, how about we CELEBRATE the launch with a GIVEAWAY?

$300 Amazon gift card + VREA Cosmetics products.


Click or tap on the link below and answer TWO questions.
Answer for question #1 is in the first episode.
Answer to question #2 is in the second episode.
See the questions, listen to the episodes, enter the correct answer and submit. That’s it!


The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email this coming weekend, so make sure to add the best contact email address.
That’s it for today, LOTS more giveaways coming. Thank you  again for your support; for your love, for listening and watching… you mean so much to me and I love you to the moon and back (then back again a few more times).


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Founder & CEO of VREA Cosmetics. Beauty & Skincare obsessed. Advocate for Science over marketing.

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