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In a nutshell, what I’ll do here is give you the critical steps that you need in order to be IT. IT, because I don’t believe in being extraordinary in just one or two areas of our lives. Why you ask? … Because how many times do you see or hear of folks that have mastered their careers but their relationships stink? Or fashion-lovers on a broke-ass budget? Just having money doesn’t make you IT. Being in a great relationship doesn’t make you IT. Having money, being in a great relationship, a strong YOU on the inside and a polished YOU on the outside, ALL TOGETHER make you IT. That’s what my free PERSONAL GROWTH, RELATIONSHIPS & SEX, FASHION & BEAUTY and CAREER & MONEY blogs will strive to accomplish for you.

In the Personal Growth blog, you’ll hear me talk about things like: how to face fears, how to let go of guilt and insecurities. How to gain more confidence, how to build self esteem, how to navigate through parent issues, find your passion, and more! Anything and Everything self help.

Everything that I talk about, I practice and share from experience. I wasn’t born in the US, my mom was single and working to provide for the both of us, we struggled financially, and waited in line for food during communism. I share this, so you can understand that I didn’t have it as easy as some folks might believe. From a young age I started going through daddy issues, doubts and fear of success. When I was a teenager, I joined a music band, and we became the biggest Romanian pop band at the time. But under the glamorous curtain, I was constantly told that I’ll Never accomplish anything better, that this band was going to be the highlight of my entire life, they kept telling me I don’t have a strong voice, I'm not good enough, I’m too fat for TV… so at 16, 5’7” and 118 lbs, I was a teenager on weight loss pills, insecure and going through a mental beat down. I ended up coming to America when I was 18. Found the balls to move here by myself and since then, it's been a roller coaster!! I've found riches and then lost it all. I married who I thought was the man of my dreams, but had to divorce after he found (and couldn’t let go of) the bottle. I’ve been cheated on, visited depressionville, I’ve worked hard, slacked off, been up, been down, have had tons of issues, insecurities, guilt and fears, but even after everything that came my way… When the only way to look was up and felt like there's no more hope… I realized that we can NOT give up!! Because if we don't give up, we WILL survive, we WILL move forward, and we WILL find hope.  And I survived. And came out swinging.

There is no get-happy-quick pill, but there sure are a whole lot of assholes out there selling you on it. Dream-selling without giving you a strong foundation. And because of that, you’ll crash and burn each time, only further damaging your self-esteem. It’s not YOU! They’re douchebags!

This isn’t a dream-selling blog. It’s a blog driven by practical tips, how to’s and solutions that have worked for me and for everybody that chose to listen. I created this blog with the hope of inspiring, motivating, and uplifting anyone who wants to be happy, feel good, overcome adversity and find success. This self help or personal growth (how I like to call it) blog, will give you all that.

So I thank you for being here, and look forward to our journey together. Join this site so you’re always first to know and get all sorts of Exclusives I won't post anywhere else.

I love you for reading this, be kind to  yourself and to all those around you!


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