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WELCOME! I'm so happy to be here with you!

I created this blog and video series with the hope of inspiring, motivating, and uplifting anyone who wants to be happy, feel good, overcome adversity and find success.

This community is especially valuable for those tired of the typical superficial chatter coming from the hundreds of thousands of personal growth folks & 'life coaches' out there, not giving substantial, worthy solutions. Starting June 6th, every week I'll be posting practical HOW TO tips, steps and solutions in my videos, that have worked miracles for me, those around me, and I believe will work for you as well. In this intro video I will give you DETAILS of what's about to happen, how it will change your life, and how you can prepare for it.

Below you also have the transcript of the video. I wanted to make sure everybody is included in this and reaps all the benefits of these videos. So though you'd rather read or watch — I got your back! I will always love hearing your thoughts and comments, so you can always ask me your questions in a comment below, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter & Instagram using #askalexandra. You can also use — these questions go straight into my inbox :-)

So take a seat back, enjoy this video, and GET READY FOR THE RIDE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Enjoy :)

*************************************** TRANSCRIPT ***************************************

Hi, I’m Alexandra, how’s it going?

You are now in my living room, so welcome to my home is appropriate.

This is an intro video that will very quickly explain the amazing things that are going to happen on my blog starting June 6th.
I’m so freakin’ excited about this weekly series, I can’t even find the words to tell you how I feel.

I’ve lived life doing my part in helping to empower, and uplift, and find solutions for those around me, and I’m starting this series with the hope of doing that for everybody willing to listen.
Everything that I talk about, I practice and share from personal experience.

My advice has changed the lives of many people that I know, and I really want for it to do the same for you.

But before I tell you what’s going to happen here, and how it can touch your life, please let me share with you something very quick, about me, so you can understand why I would be a good resource to you, and where my experience is coming from.

I wasn’t born in the US, didn’t have a silver spoon in my mouth, my mom was a single working mother. We struggled with money… waited in line for food during communism, basic necessities like electricity and water were shut off every night. So from a young age I started going through severe daddy issues, abandonment issues, combined with doubts and fear of success. And in spite of how incredibly supportive mom was, the other elements in my life then made me feel those issues.

When I was a teenager, I joined this music band, and we  became the biggest Romanian pop band at the time. But under the glam surface, I was constantly told in the group that – I’ll Never accomplish anything better," this is going to be the highlight of your life, you don’t have a strong voice, you sang like shit, you’re not good enough, you’re too fat", you're too this, you're too that… so at 16 years old, 5’7” height and 118 lbs, I was on weight loss pills going through this mental beat down.

And that translated into massive insecurities as an adult. Insecurities about my potential and capabilities, insecurities about my body, it drove massive anxiety and fear. So I understand anybody that was ever talked down to, or told you're not good enough.

Now, my biggest dream in life has always been to move to America. And I took the first opportunity I had to come here. I was 18 when I moved by myself to Southern California. I left family, and friends, the success from the band, everything I knew behind to try to make a better life for my family and myself.

And since coming here, my life has been a roller-coaster to say the least.

I found riches then lost it all. I married whom I thought was the man of my dreams, but had to divorce after he found the bottle.
I’ve been cheated on, I've gone through severe depression..
I’ve worked hard, slacked off, been up, been down, have had tons of insecurities, guilt, and fears.
I’ve been a business owner, an employer, an employee, and unemployed.
I’ve been rich, I’ve been broke, and completely bankrupt.
I've lost family, friends and loved ones.
I’ve gone through so much, and I was so down at some point in my life, the only way to look was up   .

But even after everything that came my way, when I felt there was no more hope, I realized that we CAN'T give up.
Because if we can hang on, we WILL survive.
We will get through it.
And I did.

Now I’m a business owner, I do very well for myself, I’m in an amazing relationship with the most wonderful man, I’ve learned how to fall in love with myself, and be stronger. And I will share with you all the steps I took, all the things I did, in order to succeed.

I’m starting this video series with the hope of supporting and empowering anybody that wants to live a better life, anybody who wants to be happy, look and feel good, overcome adversities, and find success.

So allow me to explain what’s going to happen here.

I am a firm believer that you can have a whole lot of everything. A proper balance of the 4 areas of our lives we need to find success in, in order to live a balanced, happy life. And all my personal experiences have given me the suitable edge to talk about these 4 areas, which are:

1. You on the inside. How you feel about yourself, about the world, about your life. This category is named Personal Growth, and it’s here that we’ll talk about things like: How to face fears, how to let go of guilt and insecurities. How to gain more confidence, how to build self esteem, navigate through parent issues, and much more!

2nd area or category how I like to call it is: Relationships & Sex.

We have to have a balanced home. That’s just part of the foundation.
And if you’re not happy with yourself AND with your relationship, everything else will risk crumbling at some point time.

In this category, we’ll talk about: How to deal with jealousy, how to WOW your partner, what men want, how to realistically spice up your sex life. Dating ideas, advice for women, advice for men, and everything “relationships and sex”.

3rd category is Fashion & Beauty. I’m a total fashion gal and I’ve learned how to look like a million bucks on a Forever 21 kind of budget. Everything on me today including the shoes cost under $100. :D

In the FASHION & BEAUTY blog, we’ll talk about fashion and trends, taking an outfit from day to night, dressing chic for cheap, we’ll talk aboutbeauty secrets, and diet tips and that’s just a taste of what we’ll be covering, I’m so excited!!

The 4th and last category is very fittingly called Career & Money.

I know how to make money, how to market myself, how to market a business, and how to close a sale. And having had to go bankrupt several years ago, also taught me the best kind of money management skills that I will also share with you in this blog.

We’ll talk about things like: How to build the most kick-ass resume, find what you love, market your business, how to close sales, dress for success, use social media, etc.

Now before starting this journey with me, what I'd love for you to do, is put together a journal. A notebook, that will be only for YOUR eyes to see, where you’ll take notes, discover new goals, and track your progress.

And here’s how you’ll do it – you’ll take your notebook, and divide it into 6 chapters:

4. CAREER & MONEY — the categories I'll be making videos in.

And each time we cover a topic of interest to you in any of these categories, you’ll open it where it needs to be, and write down your notes, the how to Steps we’ll be talking about, any tips or challenges you want to remember, so basically, your takeaways from that video.

5. OTHER– tab is for thoughts that come to mind, that are not necessarily on the topic of the video you’re watching.

It could be a new idea or thought that came to mind as a result of you watching these videos, something that you remembered, what ever it is, write it down here. I’d like for you to have this tab, because it’s important to keep all of your thoughts organized in one place, so you don’t forget about

6. ACCOUNTABILITY – As we go along with our videos, you’ll find a lot of things that you want to work on. And that’s Perfect! But life gets hectic, and we don’t want you forgetting about your goals and to do’s. It will defeat the purpose. So though it’s a personal growth goal, or a career goal, at the end of each video, if you have a goal in mind, something you now want to do, or if the tips I’m providing you with in these videos require you to take some form of action,
I’d like for you to write that down in the Accountability tab, in one simple line like:

Starting (insert date) I will do [X] every month on this day, or [X] every week on this day.

And In the middle of every month or every 2 weeks, I’d like for you to have a calendar alert pop up, reminding you to take a look at your accountability list. If there are things you promised yourself that you’d do, you’ll still have the rest of the month to fit it in and accomplish it if you haven’t already. So right then and there you’ll be held accountable to your own self. Does that make sense?

Make your alert re-occurring too, for as long as you have things you want to accomplish.

Having this tab available will also help put things in perspective, and give you an idea of the progress that you’re making, or if you’re not, it will serve as a powerful incentive to get started.

I just want to leave you with this…

I believe that in this world, there is room for all of us! And that’s why I will never hold anything back, and share with you everything that I know. I believe that there’s no such thing as ‘having it all’ (that’s a smoke and mirrors movement myth that ultimately disappoints), think about it. But I do firmly believe in having a whole lot of everything, and I’m living proof of that.

And I want YOU to have a whole lot of everything!

I want you to be happy, I want YOU to be healthy, be gorgeous and thrive.

I want to be there for you, and I want you to know that you can always count on this blog series for no bullshit advice!

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and join my website; that’s where I’ll post additional tips and challenges I won’t share anywhere else.

So mark your calendar, starting June 6th we’re starting our journey together.

I love you for watching the video or reading this. Thank you for being in my life and allowing me to be in yours, I’ll see you Thursday the 6th, and in the meantime, please be kind yourself and to all those around you!


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