VIDEO – How To Let Go Of Guilt

You know, I kept thinking about what the first PERSONAL GROWTH video should be about, and I was having such a hard time picking something out. I was married to all the ideas, and that made it hard to narrow down to one topic. So when I took to my social community, my amazing fans and followers got me the answer I was looking for. How to let go of guilt.

I wasn't surprised to see that, having had suffered of guilt myself for way too many years to count. And I learned from personal experience, just how much Guilt can affect our lives. Having guilt means having shame or regret. You're ashamed of, or regret something that you've either said or done, and That, has made such an impact on you subconsciously, you have not been able to move on. When we can't move on, a part of us is still attached to the past. And not having ALL of ourselves in the present moment, means not being able to live in the now, at our highest potential.

From that point forward, it's hard to create anything Great for ourselves! It's hard to build an amazing life, because it's hard to architect a concrete building on a glass foundation. If you have a feeling like that, even remotely… If you look back at something with regret… If you are having a hard time forgiving yourself for something you've said or done… Or if you're having a hard time believing in yourself because of past choices, then the video below is a MUST SEE!

HERE'S WHAT though: The purpose of this whole series is not to chase after views. I'm making these videos to help people. I know that the video is longer than the usual viral stuff, but solutions don't get discovered in 5 minutes. Lives don't get changed in 10. They get changed in 20 :D

So please have a little patience, go through the video entirely, and keep your attention up. Have your journal ready and take thorough notes. If you don't know what the journal is, or if you'd like to remember exactly How To Use it, check it out here. It will take patience. The work will need to be properly done, and the process will take a little bit of time.

But if you do it right… If you follow all the steps I'm sharing with you Entirely. Passionately. Giving this everything you've got… You'll be where I am today. And that's able to move on, let go of guilt and shame, live in the now, and live a life that is Extraordinary!!

Below is the video and HERE is the transcript if you'd rather read instead. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. If you liked it, please 'Like' it. And 'Share' it! Give this gift to others around you. It's good energy, it's good karma, and it's the way we should be :)

I love you for reading this, for watching, and for sharing with me your feedback afterwards in a comment below. Remember to use the form below, to join the exclusive subscriber list. Magical things are in the works and will be available only to the folks who joined. Be kind to yourself and to all those around you!!

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