How To Deal With Depression – 10 Tips (Part 2)

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Online, questions like “How to be happy” get asked a lot. We all want the same thing. It may not look exactly the same for everybody, but we all have the same ultimate goal: To Be Happy!

When we’re feeling overwhelmed by our worries, extra tired and lifeless throughout the day, when stress is wearing us down, and we start feeling sad, lethargic and blue, the road to happiness could be in the form of depression relief. That means finding depression solutions, ways to deal, let go and get out of that funk.

If you remember in Video one (see it here), I talked about the period in time when I was going through my depression. The bankruptcy, the divorce, everything that seemed to happen to me at the same time… Then I started doing what I shared with you and it was upward and onward from there.

The reaction I got in response to that video was overwhelming in the most positive way, and that’s when I realized that I have more work to do. I needed to give you even more tips. So I dug deeper, went back in time and traced all the steps that I’ve taken, all the thinks that I’ve done, plus I spent additional time researching, asking questions and getting more answers. All in all, I’ve spent weeks writing the content for this one video.

All for you and with you in mind, to give you a more well-rounded approach to healing depression.

That video was designed to help provide you with some of those depression solutions. This video part 2 will add to that list of solutions, while answering some of your questions on how to treat depression naturally. I've worked really hard to make this video happen and I think it's the most comprehensive to date.

I hope it will inspire you. I hope that it will motivate you, uplift you, and help you get through any down moments, and move you to new heights.

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Resources Mentioned in the Video

How to use the journal video (check out @ 6:15):

How To Deal With Depression (Part 1) video:

Toshl Finance app:

Yoga DVD (Gentle Vinyasa Flow):

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