How To Deal w Seasonal Depression

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If you're ever faced with seasonal blues and symptoms of holiday depression, you are not alone! First of all, please let me say that there IS such thing! If you may know, I've made 2 videos about depression already. 99.9% of the feedback to those videos has been so positive and for that I am grateful. However, there have been a few people who talked about how there's no such thing as depression if it's not clinical depression. These opinionated folks have accused me of trivializing depression and confusing "moments of sorrow" with the "constant feeling of hopelessness".

Let's make one thing clear! I never pretended to be a professional and I don't have the schooling and diplomas to talk about this. I've always said that! I only share from personal experience. But just because somebody is not feeling "constant feelings of hopelessness" does NOT mean that this person is not experiencing depression. There are MANY types of depression, not just one. So people who say that, have no clue what the hell they're talking about! Ignore them and never allow anybody to minimalize what you're going through.

If you ever feel any of the symptoms described in the video, believe me, you are not in the wrong! You are not over dramatic and you should not ignore those feelings. You deserve to be happy! You deserve to feel inner peace. You deserve to live in abundance of spirit.

The good news is that nothing is hopeless! No matter what happened… What you've had to go through…. What adversities chipped away at you… You have the strength to overcome the past and find the present and future happiness. Please always have faith in yourself and hope for the future. Please know when to seek help and DO THE WORK it takes to prevail.

I love you more than you could ever imagine!! ♥︎



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