Affirmations – Dealing with Depression

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In the last video, I gave you 10 Tips to Deal with Depression and promised you some affirmations. HERE'S THE VIDEO if you haven't seen it.

If you follow all the steps -consistently- for as long as it takes, AND add these affirmations into your routine daily, you will be well on your way to recovery. After I overcame my depression, I learned that life has incredible potential. Everything that seemed impossible, WAS possible. The only impossibilities were set by own limitations and fears and doubts. The world was bountiful all along.

Sure, there will always be adversities and challenges, but truth is, "our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


Morning Affirmations

You can use any one, combination of some, or all of them- immediately after waking up in the morning. Keep these by the bed. Before even having time to think about anything else, you need to grab these, close your eyes, and say the affirmation with the biggest power of conviction. Put all of your intention into it. Focus on nothing else BUT what you are saying.

1. I was given the gift of life today. The gift to see, to hear, to speak and to feel. I will get out of bed right now with intention. I intend to feel good, live better, and make the most out of my day.

2. This morning I give thanks for my life. Because there are millions of people in the world praying to have a life like mine. I will make the best of it today and everyday forward. I can do it!

3. I have everything within me to feel good. I have the power to see what's good around me. I will feel good. I will make today a Good day!

4. My mind wants to be happy. My heart now feels the feeling of happiness taking over. I want good things to happen today. I ask for good things to happen for me.

5. I'm grateful for the gift of waking up. I will take on the challenges, and use the strengths I have within me to overcome them. I am powerful. I can do it! I will do it!

6. It's a new day. I'm reborn. Given a new start. Fresh with possibility. I feel awakened. I feel powerful. I will make this an amazing day!

7. I wake up a new person today. I am Strong. I am Powerful. I will prove my strength and resilience. I will have a great day!

8. Thank you for the gift of life! I am so grateful to have a new chance at life today! I will make the most of it!


Afternoon Affirmations

Use whichever one(s) speak to you, to your state of mind in that moment, or situation.

1. I have the power to create the energy around me. I choose to create and surround myself only with positive vibrations that will make me feel good and change my life for the better.

2. I feel my body filling up with light. It warms me up. I feel it making my face war. I feel it traveling through my head and my shoulders, my chest, stomach, all the way through my toes. My hands and feet are tingling. It puts a smile on my face. I feel good, refreshed, with powerful new opportunities.

3. Nobody can take my power away from me. I refuse to give it away. I am in control of my feelings, and no event, no person, nothing and nobody will tell me how to feel. I choose how to feel. And I choose to feel good. I choose to feel happiness. I choose to feel relief and calmness. I choose to make the most of my moments.

4. For every problem there is a solution. There is a solution right now, waiting for me to find it. I will calm down. I will think logically. I will take a step back, and patiently wait. Solutions will ultimately come to me. I will find them!

5. I am becoming better by the minute. Every day. With every affirmation that I say. With every fiber in me that wants a good life. I'm feeling good.

6. I have potential. I am a good person. I have the same gifts as everybody around me. I will choose to spend my day wisely. Powerfully. I am making the most of my day. I feel the power filling my body.

7. I am better and more powerful than I think I am. Right now I feel burdened by different things, and those things stripped me of my confidence. But I'm taking back. I won't give up. True strength is getting up when you're down. I'm getting up now. And each and every day, I will feel better and more powerful.


Evening Affirmations

Use these affirmation(s) before falling asleep. After you've watched TV, or read a book, when you close your eyes with the thought of falling asleep, I want you to say to yourself any one or combo of affirmations, which ever one(s) apply to you in that moment.

1. Today was better than yesterday. My mind IS helping my life get better. I had the power today to choose to feel good, and I did. I will now go to bed and wake up even better in the morning. It's only up from here.

2. I am so happy and grateful and proud of myself for having the strength to think positive today. Tomorrow I will be even better. And moving forward, I will live a more positive life. A happier life. And in time, more good things will happen to me.

3. Thank you for giving me another day. I will now go to bed with the most powerful intentions. I set my intention to wake up tomorrow energized, empowered, ready to make the best of life and the opportunities it has in store for me.

4. I feel good. I am powerful. I will have a good, restful nights' sleep and I will wake up happy in the morning.

5. I did my best today. It will get better moving forward. I know it. I believe that with the practicing a positive mind, good energy will continue forming into my life.

6. What's done is done. There's no way for me to go back and change the past. What I can do though, is not make tomorrow harder by burdening myself with today. I choose to have a deep and relaxing sleep. I choose for my thoughts to clear. I choose to wake up in the morning well rested and in good spirits.

Doing these affirmations right without any mental interruption will take practice. If at first you get distracted, or can't put your intention into it as you should, DON'T be hard on yourself, it will take time. You can't go from 0 to 100 in a second. Give yourself all the time in the world, and just practice the BEST you can every single day. You will get better!

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