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Thank you for watching today's video!! Since you're viewing this from my website, I wanted you to know before watching, that the 2 announcements from today's video are: 1 about starting a new playlist/category of videos about anti-aging (tips, tricks, products, recipes and more), and the 2nd announcement is about a giveaway I'll launch (for your eyes only: December 11th).

I hope you'll enjoy watching the video which btw was filmed in the new room I plan on converting majorly over the next 60 days, and if you'd like to know more about the products, they are linked below (not a sponsored video).

May your week end be full of love, laughter and adventures!


Anastasia Beverly Hills – liquid lipsticks in “Potion” and “Vintage” https://goo.gl/wKQZC9
Anastasia Beverly Hills – lip glosses in “Bordeaux” and Fudge" https://goo.gl/Uf4Q9a
Anastasia Beverly Hills – “Self-Made” Palette https://goo.gl/XYulqH
Tinkle Eyebrow Razors – https://goo.gl/JUhesC
Mario Badescu Facial Spray – https://goo.gl/HZBY9p
Motives Cosmetics “Cinnamon” lip liner – https://goo.gl/DZKXNO
Motives Cosmetics “Neutral” lip liner – https://goo.gl/nDaoZP
Motives Cosmetics “Daydream” nail polish – https://goo.gl/nO1hKQ
Daily Vice app – https://goo.gl/J7x4zJ


Stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway, YEAYY!!!!

Leave me a comment below... :)



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