We're always thinking or talking about ways people and situations could change. Politically, religiously, financially, diplomatically… We think about the crazy things some people are doing, and the many things they could do differently. "I can't believe he's done that!" "What the hell was she thinking?" "This world is going crazy!"

It's not just you! It's me, it's him and her, and to a certain extent, it's everybody around you. We all think or talk like that.

But we can think and talk about it all day, strategize and rally all we want, the reality is that shaping the world only comes from ONE thing. And that's the ability to reshape ourselves. How? I'll have some ideas for you if you keep reading.

Instead of thinking what others should do differently and how they should live their lives better, we should shift that attention entirely. And instead, LIVE the kind of life that INSPIRES others to change. A life that inspires kindness, humility, and honesty. It's the ONLY way to be able to change others, and from there -the world.

Here are some ideas that you can bring into your own life every day, that will help make your life inspirational to others:

1. Do something kind for somebody every day, and do your best to never expect anything in return. Just remember: Like ALWAYS attracts Like. One day in the future, when you'll need kindness, it WILL come back to you. It's the way it is. Pay a kind compliment to brighten someone's day. Tell your significant other 1 thing every day that you love about him/her. Offer your help to somebody in need. Let that pedestrian cross the street, help carry that old lady's grocery bag. Don't let A day pass you by, without doing a selfless, kind gesture for somebody Else.

2. Make an effort to smile. All the time. Even if you don't feel like it, or you're too tired. When you see somebody smiling, you can't help but feel good emotions about that person. That person is welcoming, and you want to be around that, because you feel better in return. Smiling will not only uplift your own energy and make people want to be around you, it will help with other things like: powers of persuasion and selling. Practice smiling every day. Start by finishing this read with a smile on your face. :)

3. ASK. If something's unclear, ask for clarification. If you would like something, ask for it. Instead of assuming how somebody else feels about you, ASK. If you don't get the feeling that you're partner is on the same page, ask for honesty. A mouth that doesn't ask, will never get fed. Eliminate doubts, fears and assumptions from your life, and instead, welcome honesty and clarity. Just think about how much piece of mind you'll start having. Your self esteem will increase, you'll get more confidence! You'll feel better about yourself, your life, and those around you.

4. "An eye for an eye will make the world blind." Don't be revengeful. Even if you're not planning on "doing" anything to get back at somebody else, harboring ill-feelings is essentially -revengeful. Think about it: Is there somebody that comes to mind, that's done you wrong? How do you secretly feel about that person? Do you secretly hope he or she will get their karma? Things always start small. We harbor feelings like that today, hate tomorrow, later our overall behavior will change as a result, and so on… Nothing good comes out that, so take that feeling and put it toward something productive instead. Whenever your thoughts of that person start agitating you, Catch yourself thinking it. And right then and there, do something productive: remove yourself from the toxic conversation maybe, go outside for a moment and take 3 deep breaths of fresh air. Write in your journal, catch up with the news, read a book, paint, sow, make something with your hands, play an instrument, call a friend to say 'Hi', etc…

5. Set up an auto-debit for your favorite charity. When I was broke years ago, I didn't have enough of anything. My electricity was shut off, I had to borrow a cooler to keep whatever food I had in the fridge from going bad. My cell phone was shut off because I couldn't make the payments, my car got repossessed, heck one time- when I was trying to empower others who had it worst than me, I had to read my notes at candlelight because my lights were off. I definitely couldn't afford to give money away, but I really wanted to. And I knew that it was the right thing to do. I knew that I was working really hard, getting up each time I was down, relentlessly believing that I WILL find success, so inevitably, success was to be mine. I absolutely SHOULD help others! I only donated $5/month for a little while. But guess what? $5 from me, another $5 from somebody else, sure started adding up. Be somebody's angel and make a difference.

6. Volunteer for a worthy cause. Even if it's just an hour a month, please do it! Help your local charity, support a cause that you believe can help change the world toward the better. Put yourself in the situation to help, by volunteering a little bit of your time, and doing it with a smile.

Don't think about it anymore, start DOING! Live by these tips all day everyday. Write them down in the accountability tab of your journal and set a reminder to check it consistently, see if you're living by these tips. If you don't know what the journal is, this intro video here will explain the WHY and HOW and GET YOU GOING.

I love you for reading this, come back for the (Personal Growth, Relationships & Sex, Fashion & Beauty -OR- Career & Money) weekly video, additional written tips and challenges, pics and more! Be kind to yourself, and to all those around you!



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