How many times as women, did we ask ourselves one of these questions:

"What does he like?". "What kind of woman does he want?". "If I do this, will he want me?"

Let's be honest here. I'll start: At some point in my life, I asked myself every single one of these questions. My entire life I've had all sorts of insecurities, and having gotten older and wiser, doesn't mean they have entirely gone away. I have to fight through the shi*thole pit of self doubt, every day. The only difference between me and some other folks, is that I practice what I preach, and I follow all the tips I'm sharing with you. And that? Boy that makes a hell of a difference! (Sorry, today I'm a little poopy-mouthed!). We all have insecurities. Some of us, have just found a way to not let them run and consume our lives anymore. Keep reading.

Here's the deal: years ago, I went on a quest of learning more about men, and trying to understand what makes them tick. Ironically enough, in my quest to learn more about men, I learned more about women. And myself. All the ways to 'impress' men, ended up being the necessary work I had to do on myself all along. Quite interesting! Anyhow:

There are a lot of things that men want. The same way women do. But this video right here, is comprised of the most common traits the common-sense guy is looking for in a woman, and therefore: in a relationship. You'll find that following these tips will not only make you even more desirable than your sexy ass already is (even if you don't think so), but you'll end up giving love to yourself in the process. And THAT is priceless!

I hope you'll enjoy it, because this is for YOU. If it wouldn't have been for you, I would have kept all this stuff to myself, and do something else with the 17 hours it took to write the content, record it, edit it, and package it nicely so you can benefit from it. If you like these free videos, please 'LIKE' and SHARE. Join my website below. It's good karma. Cheers!

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