If you ever had a broken heart, then you know the pain… The toll it takes on confidence, the sadness, the scars…
I wanted to help my sisters and all my friends out there, heal faster, look and feel good, and leave that toxicity ☢ behind.

There isn't a one-idea-helps-all out there, but the thought behind this video was to share what helped me in the past.. What I could rely on and what has worked for me, and from there, hopefully inspire and motivate anybody watching and going through a heartbreak, to keep moving forward and get past this.

Because there isn't a rule book to what will work during a breakup, the ideas I'm sharing can be played with in such a way to where they fit into any lifestyle, but the idea is to do them all. As often, and with as much heart into it as possible. That's what will work…

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Through thick and thin, always yours


TIMELINES from video:
6 months or less = 2 weeks.
1 year = 3 weeks.
1.5 – 5 years = 1month
5 – 10 years = 2 months.
10+ years = 3 months.

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