We've all said and done things we're not especially proud of on dates, right? Tell me I'm not the only one!! :D

You know… Bringing up the skin rash we're suffering from, nervous laughing for nothing, talking too much or saying all the wrong things…

Dating is selling. We are selling ourselves. You are selling the person in front of you on why he or she should continue seeing you, and why that person should be in a relationship with you. And of course, that adds more pressure (as if we didn't have enough). So before we jump the gun and talk about this week's topic, please make sure you watched THIS VIDEO. I show you how to be successful at sales, and how to close them. The tricks I mention apply in real life, and NOT just in your career, so it will be very beneficial for you to be armed with that knowledge. It will help keep you more calm and logical, it will teach you persuasive techniques, and much more. All things you'll need when going out on dates, or dating someone new.

Moving on to today… I'm going to give you practical dating advice. Free dating tips that will help you avoid any major mistakes, and start your love relationship on the right foot. Leave me a comment. Share the video, and Like it if you enjoyed it.

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Thank you for being on this journey with me, I love you for watching!!

VIDEO – 11 Amazing Tips To Close Sales

VIDEO – 10 Tips to Get Over Depression

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