This was a requested video and given that the issue of jealousy is also universal, I wanted to roll this out as soon as I can and with the most amount of rich content possible.

I couldn't launch on my usual Thursday because of all the wedding planning. I can't tell you how I just want tomorrow to come already so I can enjoy the party and finally relax! So many things went wrong, I shared mre in the video.

For the first time this Wednesday, I felt butterflies in my stomach and nervousness…  I guess I got the wedding jitters!

Honestly, the most nerve racking part for me feels like the walk down the isle. As much as I love talking in front of the camera, I get really nervous in larger crowds.

Anyhow, I'll try to record as much as I can and share with you some behind the scenes, getting ready, the dress and some footage we may take ourselves from the wedding.

Thank you for your support – I hope you'll enjoy today's topic and if you'd like, please help me spread the message – please share this video and content with your community to help others as well.

Love always and forever,

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