Having gone through a divorce and a bag full of relationships that didn't exactly pen out, I learned first hand that good relationships take hard work. I always thought that as long as you love each other, everything would be OK. Turns out that's only part of it; if long term relationships were as easy as we thought they are in our adolescent days, then everybody would be in it forever and ever, and divorce rates wouldn't be what they are today.

I consider myself lucky to have had enough common sense to learn from my mistakes (for the most part) and not be afraid of a little hard work. It's apparent to me now, that the ups, downs, lessons and work put into it, must have paid off, since I get to enjoy the love of a wonderful man who 6 years ago turned my world around.

The jig is up! Relationships are worth it but they take time, discipline and effort. And for those not afraid of putting a little time in, I made today's video. I believe the tips I wrote for you work, because I've seen them work!

Please grab your journal and your calendar, get ready to write and pre-plan, and may all the good energy in the world support you and your relationship! You'll be amazing, you'll see!!
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With love always ❤

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