I got inspired to write this, as I was thinking about all my past insecurities.

Up until about a year ago, I suffered of really bad acne – and I'll show you some pictures in the next Personal Growth video. I've had insecurities about the size and shape of my body, and with most of the people around me being SoCal petite and beautiful, I've had to fight through a complex about being taller and "bigger". Ex boyfriends broke my heart and cheated, ex husband used to talk down to me calling me things like "F*****g idiot" in public, and so throughout the years, all these experiences kept haunting me, and developing into barely-manageable insecurities. Dad not being around and cheating on my mom, was also one in a long line of many disappointments.

I wasn't seeing clearly. It was easier to just cave in. I didn't feel I had the power to say no, so I simply carried these insecurities around like scars… like skeletons hiding in the closet. Pretending to be strong when in fact I was really broken.

The problem is that skeletons don't like to be kept in the closet. So as long as I had them, they were bound to resurface. My acne made me feel ugly. Being taller and more robust made me feel fat. Old cheaters made me distrust new love. And past beat-downs coming from somebody you think you'll spend your life with, made me question and doubt my ability to be a good partner. I felt ugly, fat, and incapable of hanging on to, and keeping a man. Imagine what a freakin' sunshine I was as a date!!

I've had other insecurities as well, but I only mentioned these, because they didn't just affect ME, they also affected my love relationships. For the longest time, they kept me from being the best ME I could be, and kept me from giving my best to my partner and my relationship. My current partner would be overshadowed by a lack of trust, as a result of what somebody else did before him. I felt that was unfair. I didn't feel good enough. I was needy, and I felt like there were so many things that I was doing wrong.

I will spend much more time on the topic of insecurities and self esteem, especially in my Personal Growth videos, since it's SUCH an important topic. But until we get to that level of unquestionable self love and acceptance, I'll tell you what I did in my relationship: I knew that the work on myself will take time and lots of internal effort, but I didn't want to be the eternal single gal looking for love. So I developed my own "formula" to becoming the most amazing partner.

Anybody can follow this formula. You don't have to have the biggest confidence in the room, to be an exceptional partner. You can be at the beginning of your transformational journey, and you can still get your partner to think you're the most amazing piece of ass around. And I'll show you HOW, in the video below.

Please follow the instructions accordingly. Watch the video twice if you need to, to make sure you didn't miss anything. Use your journal. Don't take shortcuts! These videos are the easiest, most explicit, free, detailed and information-packed videos you've seen around. Don't rob yourself of any opportunities by taking shortcuts.

I hope you'll enjoy and LIKE the video. Please leave me a COMMENT, tell me what you think, and SHARE this gift with somebody you love. For more advice on relationship and help with relationship in general… for dating ideas, tips and how to's, join my website today! :) Enjoy!!

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