While researching the impact of microgravity and hypergravity on human and plant cell growth, NASA noted that wounds heal less effectively in space than here on Earth.

Concerned about this major health risk to the astronauts who might get injured or fall ill in long-term space flights, NASA developed LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.

LED phototherapy is the use of light energy, to improve cellular performance. Research has shown that this form of treatment has: anti-aging effects for skin and hair loss, it can accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, improve skin tone and texture, increase circulation, among many other benefits pertaining to joints and musculoskeletal health, inflammation, fatigue and immunity.

This is important to know, because one thing is for sure! LED treatments are the future of anti-aging & they will “boldly go where no man has gone before.” See what I did there? Hah! :D

As an avid skincare enthusiast, I’ve been passionate about this technology and when Dr. Dennis Gross came out with the SpectraLite EyeCare Pro I was itching (I mean SERIOUSLY itching) to try it!

This wasn’t my first time using the brand; I’ve been a consumer of the Smooth & Flawless Peel and the Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster in the past. His products are never tested on animals and most of them are vegan, which speaks to my soul. And although I’ve always purchased their products, this time I chose to collaborate with them because of the magnitude of faith I have in LED technology.

When I read their description, I got all giggity at the thought of this product helping my eyes look more youthful in just 3 minutes a day – hands-free. So I asked myself: “What do I normally have time to do in 3 minutes?”

And what’s the first thing that came to mind? Putting up with a commercial break during my favorite TV show!

So the first Sunday I had with the glasses, I put them on while waiting for GOT to start. Yippee!!


First impression was “OK wow, this feels really snug”, which means a lot to me, because I’ve tried products before that were loose and didn’t give me the confidence that the areas I need help with, were actually being targeted.

Second though was “Wait a minute, I can see through this!?”


That was like opening the doors of Heaven, because the #1 issue for me when it comes to skincare is TIME. Stopping to do something when I have to work 60+ hours a week is a total pain the butt and if you’re on the go too, you know exactly what that’s like!

The thought of wearing this unicorn-gadget while editing a video, or getting back to emails, doing laundry, washing the dishes or simply watching TV… makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy!


The SpectraLite EyeCare Pro is FDA CLEARED and has 72 LEDs, meant to penetrate deep within the dermis of the skin, stimulated collagen production, improve skin density and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

This is the future of our eyes, people!

Here’s what my routine is like:

#1. I wash my face with a cream cleanser and pat dry.

#2. I put the device on my face and power it on.

#3. Using a cotton pad, I gently rub an AHA-based toner on the skin areas outside of the device.

#4. I apply hyaluronic acid.

#5. I follow up with a retinol-based serum. All the steps at this point I’m applying on the areas around the glasses.

#6. The device is set up to automatically shut off after 3 minutes, so I take it off & place it in the storage bag it comes with.

#7. I apply retinol around my eyes and the areas freshly treated.

#8. I dab in my nighttime moisturizing cream.

#9. Apply eye cream as the last step.

It is said that after 10 weeks is when the best results will happen, but I’m at week 2 and I can already notice a difference.

Now here’s what! Magical, non-surgical results don’t happen overnight, and every skin is different. I don’t know how your skin will improve from using this, and you won’t know either, until you try it. But one thing is for sure! This NASA-trusted technology is the way of the future and as we adopt more of it into our routine, the more our aging process will more visibly improve. Tongue twister!

To try this product for yourself, you can visit your local Sephora store or visit the Dr. Dennis Gross website, linked here.

What’s Included:

SpectraLite™ EyeCare Pro

Universal USB charging cord

Detachable, adjustable head strap

Storage bag

User Manual



Device Features & Benefits:

Hands-free device – ease and convenience

Automatic shutoff after 3 minutes – worry-free, short wear time

USB-enabled device with charging indicator light – travel friendly

Flexible silicone design and adjustable head strap – comfortable, universal fit



Skin Benefits:

Penetrates deep within skin to build collagen

Smoothes wrinkles and crow’s feet

Firms skin

Evens skin tone and texture

Increases skin density

You must register your product within 30 days of purchase at www.drdennisgross.com/productwarranty/register for the warranty to be effective, don’t forget to do that!

6 7

So tell me my friend!

What can we do in 3 minutes with these babies on?

I love you for reading this!


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Thank you to Dr Dennis Gross for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Leave me a comment below... :)



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