Hi honey!! Inspired by all the beauties I saw in my recent trip to Korea, I wanted to share a tutorial that reflects my interpretation of a Korean makeup look.

Koreans are at the forefront of all things beauty and skincare RN and since the quality of our skin is my #1 concern in all the beauty videos I make, it was only natural that I learn what makeup products they’re using and how they’re using them, then share what I’ve learned with you. 

I feel like I’m barely scratching the surface and there’s so much more to learn, but till then, here’s what I know so far! I hope I did a good job showcasing the Korean style of makeup. I think it’s really beautiful and it’s a nice reminder that we are all beautiful, no matter of skin texture of color, where we’re from or what language we speak.

With love always ♥︎ 
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Smashbox photo finish primer oil
Clio Kill Cover conceal cushion #4
Clio Kill Cover pro artist liquid Concealer #2
Clio Kill Cover highest wear pact #4
Skinfood 'My Short Cake' eyeshadow
Clio Gelpresso waterproof shadow (pen) #7 'Hot In Here'
Clio Pen Liner Kill Black #01 'Black'
Clio Pro Artist Pencil Brightener
Skinfood Almond Volume King! Mascara
Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil (#5)
Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake
Peripera peri's Tint #5
Peripera Cushion Blusher #05 'Lovely Lavander'
Skinfood TOMATO Jelly Lip Tint

Top & chocker – Forever21
Nail polish – Milani '85 Bolting Blue'


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