I’ve noticed on instagram how much my skincare-loving girls like talking about facial rolling. I get a lot of questions about rollers – how I use them, when, and which one is my favorite.

Asking me to pick a favorite roller, I imagine feels like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. Imposs….
Oh wait!
All parents have a favorite, don’t they!?

In that case, I’ll go with this one.
This is literally and figuratively my favorite child. My golden roller. The one I reach for skincare needs daily, and with a bonus of using it when I have a migraine (which I’m not gonna lie, have been happening a lot lately; I think it’s the work load). Anywho!

It costs less than $11 and works with 1 AA battery. My favorite way to use it is with a sheet mask, sometimes just with moisturizer if I’m in a terrible rush.

In the evening, after using my golden child, I also go in with a 3D roller. The one I bought was this but unfortunately it’s been selling out a lot, so I found a similar one for you if you ever want to give 3D rolling a try. The reason I like this, is more for sculpting purposes. I like running it up the entire face, paying particular attention to the jawline and cheekbones. As skin tends to sag with age, this to me is like a daily gym that helps skin stay up even against time’s gravitational pull.

Next up is my cheapy baby. This puppy costs less than $6 and while it’s not the cutest and most fun out of the bunch, it’s definitely the one that stimulates circulation the most and the easiest to push products into the skin. Sometimes I use it in the morning with my serum, sometimes at night or on the weekend with a sheet mask.

There is no rule as to which one to use and when, it’s purely about what I believe my skin will feel best with, in that moment. And then I use that.

I also reach for my jade roller – typically on the weekends. I use it either in the morning before the body shop roller, or replace it with the 3D one, since I can use the larger head to roll really well underneath the chin. Doing that will help prevent a tragic turkey neck.

If you ask me, these are great places to start – I personally also cup and use micro-current. My routines are definitely a fit only for the skincare enthusiasts, and the girls & boys who understand that spending 10 minutes extra per day, will keep your skin looking youthful & glowing, and THAT’S worth it!



New studies are showing that while dermarolling yields amazing results, those results are only short-term. With extended use (around 10+ yrs), scientists are noticing the skin that dermarolled looking significantly more weathered down than the skin that was not exposed to the procedure. While the science needs more work, I’ve seen enough to put the procedure (dermarolling NOT microneedling which is still shown to be fabulous) in the chest with steaming of the face, and “throw that bitch in the ocean”. (remember Bad Boys II? lol)


With love always ♥︎

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