November HAUL + Announcements

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Thank you for watching today's video!! Since you're viewing this from my website, I wanted you to know before watching, that the 2 announcements from today's video are: 1 about starting a new playlist/category of videos about anti-aging (tips, tricks, products, recipes and more), and the 2nd announcement is about a giveaway I'll launch (for your eyes only: December 11th).

I hope you'll enjoy watching the video which btw was filmed in the new room I plan on converting majorly over the next 60 days, and if you'd like to know more about the products, they are linked below (not a sponsored video).

May your week end be full of love, laughter and adventures!


Anastasia Beverly Hills – liquid lipsticks in “Potion” and “Vintage”
Anastasia Beverly Hills – lip glosses in “Bordeaux” and Fudge"
Anastasia Beverly Hills – “Self-Made” Palette
Tinkle Eyebrow Razors –
Mario Badescu Facial Spray –
Motives Cosmetics “Cinnamon” lip liner –
Motives Cosmetics “Neutral” lip liner –
Motives Cosmetics “Daydream” nail polish –
Daily Vice app –


Stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway, YEAYY!!!!

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ALEXAnism of the Week:

To be beautiful means to be YOUrself. Be whatever kind of beauty YOU want to be. You don’t need to be liked or accepted by others, you just need to like and accept YOUrself.

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