Job Interview Questions and Answers

I was very excited to make today’s video, because I felt very much “at home” with the topic. I spent more than 12 years in Corporate America, learning a variety of different things from a variety of different accomplished and very successful people. Today I get to give back and share much of the knowledge that pertains to job interviews. These are the best tips I’ve ever learned on how to answer interview questions.

If you’re looking for a job, I hope this will be a really good resource to youand if you’re not but know somebody that is, sharing is caring – please make sure these tips will get to your loved one’s years and help them get the employment they may be seeking.

You probably know me by now, and know that I’m always interested in your feedback and video suggestions. If there’s a video you’d like me to make in any of the 4 categories, please share your feedback in a comment below or on any of my social media channels.
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