How to STOP Procrastinating

Happy Friday!!! Ironically, on a day many of us are gloriously celebrating the end of a work week, here I am launching a brand new video about procrastination and how to overcome it (((o(**)o)))

I don't know about you, but I'm continuing on the path I promised I'd commit to when 2016 rang in. The path may be spotty and crooked, but it's there and I'm determined to stay on it. Odds are that if you're here with me, you are like minded and have the same ambitions. Sometimes, getting things done is nowhere near as difficult as getting started and today, we're talking about how to push ourselves to get going and win half the battle.

If you want to be successful… If you're career driven and have aspirations that are not bounded by the limits of man but you experience procrastination, then this video will be perfect for you!

Below are some resources, and I hope you'll enjoy this because I loved putting it together for you!!


With Love Always ♥︎
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RescueTime (free)
WhiteNoise Concentration:
Sound Curtain:
Pomodoro Technique:
8 Proven Ways to Effectively Work from Home [VIDEO]

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