“It never occurs to me that there are things that I can't do” – says one of my favorite quotes, and that's how I choose to live life and practice my business. Know something of everything and be Great at a whole lot!

I'm an entrepreneur. Extremely unconventional. I work really hard and LOVE sharing all the lessons I have learned over the years with the world.

I know how to make money, I know how to market myself and how to market a business, how to close a sale, and having had to go bankrupt several years ago, taught me the BEST kind of money management skills that I'll be sharing with you in this blog.

There is no secret to success. Quick money is not substance-money and it’s not longevity-money. You have to work, but do so in a smart and creative manner. That’s what I’ve been doing, and even though I’ve undergone a lot of failures, I ultimately found long-term success.

In the CAREER & MONEY blog, I’ll talk about things like: How to find what you love, how to market your business, how to close sales, dress for success, network, create the most kick ass, memorable resume, and lots more!

If you’re not excited, I’ll come over and give you a good ‘ol kick in the butt. Get excited!! This will be some of the most ‘tangible’ and practical free advice you’ll find on the web!

I love you for reading this, cheers to success!!


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Business owner. Vlogger with a series about Personal Growth, Relationships & Sex, Fashion & Beauty, Career & Money. #askalexandra

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