What You Must Know Before Starting a Business

Starting a business? Take a look at this my friend!

I apologize for not posting on YouTube in a bit, I’ve been a little sidetracked with creating daily content for instagram and we’ve been growing there so fast! As I’m trying to find balance between the 2 platforms, I wanted to launch a category video on YT since these types of videos are harder to produce the content for, and start making it up to you. I’m also about to hold a new giveaway too, I’m just waiting for the Kylie Holiday collection items to arrive and then we’ll launch.  Please see below for all the resources mentioned in the video.

Writing a business plan
Type of business (details) & tax obligations
Entrepreneur calculator
Trademark check

Name resources & tools to check availability:




[VIDEO] Tips For a Successful WEBSITE!

[VIDEO] How To NETWORK like a Superstar


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