VIDEO – 11 Amazing Tips To Close Sales

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Welcome back my friend, thank you for being here!! If I haven't said this enough times, let me say it again: I'm really grateful to be on this journey with you!

Today we're talking Career and Money, and the topic is Closing. This topic will not only help you turn more leads into deals, but some of these tips will help you in your everyday life, and not to mention help boost your self esteem.

Please get your journal ready because some great information is about to come your way. My goal is to pack as MUCH information as possible in these videos. If you don't have a journal, your notes will be scattered and all over the place. You need to stay organized, use the all the tabs as instructed, and set the alarms I mentioned in the intro video. Here it is if you haven't seen it already, or need to remember how to do this Right :)

We're all in sales! You don't "have" to do it as a profession to need good sales skills and know how to close a sale, and in the video below I give you just a couple of instances to see why. When you hassle down a price; when you persuade your partner to do something… All of this is sales, and today I will give you some of the best tips that I know. Tips that I used back when I was closing over 10 million dollars a month. Tips that convince my clients to do the social media campaigns I pitch to them today. For over 10 years, these tips have made a difference in my life, and today they can start making a difference in yours.

Enjoy this week's video, and if you love it, please help me spread the good word by LIKING and SHARING. I appreciate you for being here, be kind to yourself and to all those around you!

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