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If you watched the 11 Amazing Tips To Close Sales video, I love you- THANK YOU! I hope the tips will help you as much as they've helped me! With that said, below are 2 more tips that I didn't get to include in the video. It's very hard for me to market videos that are this long. But none the less, I would rather work twice as hard and give YOU the most comprehensive advice, than sacrifice the integrity and the mission of this video series… So here's an additional blog post, with 2 new tips :)

I promise to make another video in the future with more of these tips, since I have so many!!

Tip #12

Speak clearly. Nobody trusts a person who can’t communicate clearly. If you’re mumbling, slurring your speech, forgetting your ideas, and like… umm… that's doing you a great disservice!  Practice and make sure that the way you’re communicating is coming across as you intended it. Record yourself in a meeting or two, and keep an eye out for these points. Then you can work on getting better and better.

Tip #13

Stay with your prospect. Each time you have to get on the phone to ask a question, get up to confirm something, or leave to check on something else, you create a window of dead silence, which creates doubt and uncertainty. Even after you come back, that window can extend through the length of the meeting in the mind of the prospect, and that will make he or she, think more about what they have to do, than listen to you. Granted, this doesn’t mean that if you need an authority to close a sale, you can’t go.  Just be mindful of it is all I’m saying. Know your product inside out, be prepared for potential questions you think you’ll get having done research on this person, have a pen handy so you don’t have to get up and get one, and essentially be prepared.

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