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Today’s video is part of the Fashion & Beauty playlist and I wanted to talk about something I get a lot of questions about. So if you’d like to get some tips on how to heal and prevent acne + learn how you can enter in a double international giveaway, please keep watching!

I’ve showed you pictures of me without makeup in full acne heat before so you know how important this topic is to me. If you’re new to my videos, (first of all – WELCOME!) – So we’re on the same page you should know that a couple of years ago I suffered of really bad acne. So I’ve picked up some tricks and techniques along the way that help.

I want to share those with you today – so if you just get occasional blemishes, or you have acne or acne-prone skin, there are some tips in here that will help you.

Because I have to go over the giveaways today, I have to keep the content relatively short so as usual, the rest of the tips (I think they’re about 15-16 of them), have been emailed to my amazing email subbies. If you’re on the list – enjoy, and if you’re not – come join us!!!!! You’ll get exclusive private content every week that compliments the videos + you’ll always be automatically entered into all the giveaways.

Alright, so the first tip today is to not overly dry out your skin. That includes washing it too much, or using drying products. What happens when you dry your face is, your glands will work double time to produce the extra oil, which is not good if you’re acne prone.

So contrary to what many of us may think, moisturizer is KEY if you suffer with breakouts.

Use gentle products that are alcohol-free, avoid foam cleansers as well as scrubbing, or using a washcloth, and anything else that can irritate the skin.

When you’re prone to acne you always have to be careful with what comes in contact with your face too.

So let’s start with your phone. Using a cotton ball, wipe your phone with rubbing alcohol, or some other sanitizing liquid that won’t affect your screen. Think of all the times that dirty phone comes in contact with your face and all those germs get on your cheek and jawline – that happens every time you talk on your phone. I read somewhere a while back that our phones has more bacteria than a toilet seat, that’s where we put our asses people how disgusting is that! So… wipe your phone clean every night. Don’t forget about your glasses, sunglasses, baseball caps and hats as well. If an object comes in contact with the face, it needs to be clean.

Same goes for your sheets. Bacteria can build on those sheets and pillowcases and you spend several hours in that every night! Dirty sheets can lead to clogged pores, so if you’re suffering of acne or you’re acne prone, change those sheets every week. I know it sounds like work, I’m sorry, but I just want to help you and your skin will thank you for it too!

Think of your hair as well. I personally don’t wash my hair too often because like my face, I don’t like stripping it of it’s natural oils – so I typically only wash my hair every 4-5 days. And far that reason, I make sure that after day 3 when my hair is not as fresh, it doesn’t linger on my face. We shouldn’t have any of that oil and dirt getting on our faces, not to mention gels, hairsprays and other chemicals you may have in the hair. I also recommend not wearing bangs if you have acne issues for the obvious reason I just mentioned.

Now, if you’re a makeup user (like many of us girls are), always wash your makeup brushes. I know, I hate doing it, but if you have acne my love, you really have to! A mixture of lukewarm water with a couple of drops of gentle facial cleanser or shampoo can be your own DIY brush cleanser so you don’t have to spend money buying some.

On that note, consider using mineral makeup, because it contains zinc-oxide that helps fight acne as you’re covering it, so at least it will serve a purpose as opposed to it simply clogging your pores. So check for the ingredients in the beauty products.

I’m also talking clean hands. Please never touch your face unless your hands are absolutely clean. Not picking is implied. I personally have a hard time not picking so if I break out, I avoid mirrors all together. I mentioned that in one of my recent beauty videos and explained more. The video is linked here if you’d like to hear those details, plus there are some natural diy beauty treatments in there that you might be interested in.  

Lastly on the cleansing tips, keep a separate towel for your face, don’t wipe it dry with the same towel you dry your hands with, so any dirt that maybe left behind on the hand towel won’t land on your face.


Next tip is to drop your dairy intake. Even organic dairy products contain cow hormones that can stimulate the oil glands. Dairy’s also hiding in a bunch of different places like salad dressings and protein bars, so read labels, avoid adding milk to your latte, and overall drop your dairy intake. If you need milk in your coffee, I think your best bet will be skim milk because of the fat concentration.

If you suffer of shoulder acne, just fyi, one of the main reasons behind it could be the bra straps being too tight. You’d be surprised how many women I know that have noticed a huge improvement by simply loosening up the straps.


There’s so much more I want to share with you but I don’t have enough time, so please be sure to check the email you got from me the morning of this video launch for all the other tips I have, there are so many of them that will help! If you’re not part of the group but would like to join now, the link is below and when you do, I will send you an email with links to all the private content you may have missed so far – so you WILL get these tips.

You know I am obsessed with making content that helps enhance our every day lives, so I hope you enjoy being part of this little family of mine, and …. yeah let’s start talking giveaway shall we?


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