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Hello my beautiful friends! Today’s video is part of the Relationships & Sex playlist and I will be sharing some of my tips to realistically spice up your sex life. I say realistically because not all of us have hours in the day to dedicate to love making – but on the other hand, we can’t neglect our sex lives either.

So today I’m talking about that happy medium which is adding SPICE to sex on a busy working persons’ schedule.

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OK, so let’s get started!

The first thing I want to talk to you about is speaking up. I don’t mean dirty on this tip – I talk about dirty talk in the email that went out to my email subscribers this morning. Right now I’m talking about verbalizing to your partner what you like and how you like it.  And then turn the table around and find out what he or she likes and wants.  Yes-Communication IS the mother of all sex spicing. It sets the intimate mood, and the tone for a very sexy conversation that can lead to very satisfying sex.

3 questions you could ask, are:
What do you like?
What’s your favorite position?
What would you like to try next time?

I can’t say enough times how important it is to speak up and ask for what you want. This has been a theme throughout my videos and you know how much I believe in this. If you’re in this together, there’s nothing you should be afraid or ashamed of.

If you need to work your way up to it though, you can start by using non-verbal cues – like positioning your partner’s hand somewhere you like during sex and adding a simple “I like that”, that’s a great start. Another thing you could do once you determine what each other likes, is to act out each other’s fantasies. Meow!


Next tip is to try different locations. I know first hand how getting busy or too lazy and comfy can leave us looking only to the bed as the happy spot. But – doing that every time, is not sexy. Spiciness comes from variety and typically both men and women respond well to it.

Here are some different ideas – and I’ll only mention spots INSIDE the house you dirty little minds!

You have lots to chose from: kitchen counters, in the shower, on the bathroom vanity, on the floor in the living room, chairs, couch, tables. In the laundry room, on the stairs, there are so many places inside your home, if you’re willing to get a little creative.


Tip #3 is for the ladies and that’s to pay attention to what you wear in the evenings. Though you just came home from work or you work from home either way, make it a point to wear something sexy as often as possible. Yes sweats and t-shirts are comfy but they’re not sexy!

Now I’m not saying you should go for the obvious lingerie. I actually challenge you to find 2 or 3 sexy options that YOU are comfortable in. If you get chili quickly maybe something with long lace sleeves would be for you. Could be a deep V-neck shirt that brings your tata’s out or a man’s button up shirt buttoned only half way to let your lacy bra show. You don’t have to walk around in a bra and underwear or a silk mini to catch his eye, and sometimes if we had a couple of tacos for lunch we won’t feel very comfortable putting something like that on, so my point is to find options that make you feel comfortable, but do bring out your assets. Something sexy will grab his attention and change things up a bit in your dynamic.

Another idea here is to choose the color red. Culturally and universally, red is associated with the color for love and passion. And in a report from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men were more likely to say they wanted to have sex with a woman if she were in red. So that’s a little tip for you.


Tip #4: Watch a funny show or movie before calling it a night. Laughing gets your blood pumping and increases the heart rate, which can help increase your sexual experience.


Next, I’d like for you to consider the 7-position challenge.

Over the next 30 days, starting today, I’d like for you implement 7 different positions in your sex life that you either haven’t done before, or haven’t done in a while. If you’re watching this video on my website, in the blog post for it I’ve attached an image I found online, and I chose that one, because it features multiple sex positions that I don’t think are over the top, so they can be adopted by just about anybody. If you’re not on the website, the link to get to it is in the YouTube video description.

I’d like for you to take a look at that image and show it to your partner as well and tell him or her that you want to keep things interesting and would like to pick 7 different positions to try over the next 7 times you have sex – so you both agree on what you’d like to try, and have something to look forward to. Make sure your choices are physically attainable for you and no matter how busy you get, do not let more than a week go by without intimacy. If you need to put it on the calendar, by all means do it. That’s so much better than no doing it at all.

Now after you finish this challenge, I recommend keeping some of those positions in your future life on a consistent basis and even try a couple of different ones at a time, switching them around during sex. In a calendar note you share together you could have “position of the month” – that could be a position that’s not ordinary, that you want to experiment with this month and every time you have sex, you add that position to your normal routine. That’s an easy tip that doesn’t really require extra time on your end, but it’s fun, keeps things interesting and will add that spice to your life.


Tip #6 is to have morning sex.

Dr Debby Herbenick, who’s a research scientist and sex advice columnist, said that having sex in the morning releases oxytocin also known as the feel-good chemical, and that makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long.

So morning sex is better for your health, overall mood and relationship dynamic, while for men, morning sex also helps them last longer and have more energy, because testosterone levels peak overnight.


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— kisses —

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