Husband TAG

I couldn't believe this (finally) happened!!

6+ years ago when I started dating this handsome man ?  now my husband, he could barely sit through taking A picture. A year ago pictures became tolerable (as long as we were taking 4-5 MAX). Public video however, was always off limits and he even told me at the beginning of the year that he doesn't want to be featured online.

Not sure if it was the response to the videos that started changing his mind… If it was the "adorable intrusiveness" of my vlogs or Both! But sure enough, when I told him I've been getting requests to do a husband tag video, rather than saying "No", his first response was "what's that?"

I instantly knew we had a shot at putting him on screen. My next concern was… Is he going to be grumpy? And to my surprise, after the first 10 minutes passed, he only got more and more comfortable. And when the jokes started creeping in – I lost it! “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for" my dear husband.

Hope you'll enjoy this video, especially since it's been a process in the making ^_^
Love you for watching and appreciate you for your support!
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With love always ❤

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