Healthy “fatty” Recipe (quick n easy)


Ok, I really wanted to share this with you!

Couple of months ago I was at a restaurant and was really craving fatty foods.. Burgers, fries, that's all I wanted, but in attempt to live and eat better, I chose the roasted brussel sprouts instead!

At first I was like… UGH! It's probably going to taste like sh*t and I'll be super hungry!! But when that really satisfied me, I was shocked because I'm not a veggie person and always associated brussel sprouts to the kinds of foods the really healthy people eat.

First thought was to share with you, but then I wondered if that was just a fluke and worked because of the mood I was in.

… So for the past 2 months I've been making roasted brussel sprouts or cauliflower anytime I craved fried food, to see if this was really working. And it totally works(!!!) so I want to make sure I share with you asap! I eat this either as a small dish, a snack or side for lunch or dinner.

I like the ones in this picture that I just ordered for lunch, but thought I'd share my recipe with you because I honestly like it better. hix

What's a quick recipe you love that you could recommend so I can try it too?

1. Drizzle olive oil, and season with garlic, salt and pepper.
2. Place in the over @ 400 for 10 minutes, remove and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top, then oven again for about 10 more minutes or until roasted.
3. Remove and garnish with chopped chives. YUM!


With Love Always ♥︎

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