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I have over 200 apps currently on my phone, but they're not all favorites! In fact sadly to say, I find the Google apps to be some of the least intuitive ones (whoa). So from one heavy mobile user to another, I wanted to share with you my favorite ones (also linked below) and some iPhone tricks that not everybody knows about (when they should).

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__________ APPS SHOWN __________
Period Tracker Lite
iPhone – https://goo.gl/Orguve
Android – https://goo.gl/Wpc9F6

Brain Wave (only for iPhone) – http://bit.ly/brainwaveapp

iPhone – https://goo.gl/VLH7Qj
Android – https://goo.gl/C5Nht7

iPhone – https://goo.gl/uDAWuN
Android – https://goo.gl/d2k3aZ

iPhone – https://goo.gl/0NIyDk
Android – https://goo.gl/ek3Tky

Think Dirty
iPhone – https://goo.gl/MUzA48
Android – coming soon, you can get notified when it's out – http://goo.gl/UMhqRO

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