Video OUTFIT – What NOT to do when Dating

You probably noticed by now that this is not your typical Fashion blog. First off, all the pictures posted here are not the (usually expected) fashion-blog high res. They're iPhone only pics without any filters. Nothing is photoshopped except for adding cool texts and graphics to screenshots. I do this, so the blog doesn't look boring and lifeless. We don't scout for locations and backgrounds, perfect lighting and flattering angles. This is what it is, and it's how normal women look like in everyday life.

2 reasons why I chose this route:

#1. Anybody can look good with the right angles, a $3,000 camera and some photoshop work. But don't you like seeing the 'realness' of someone? Seeing how people look like in real life? I do!

#2. The job that pays the bills and gives me the luxury of doing this free series for you, keeps my time super jammed. I started and run my own company. And to give you an idea of how my life is, this past Friday night while other folks were out, I worked till 2 in the morning to finish up some new campaigns. The following Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30 so I can launch the weekly video and posts, since I couldn't get it out on Thursday as I usually do. Mind you, I write my own content for these videos, I shoot them myself, and I do my own editing. (All this taking about 20 hrs per video per week).

In the same time I cook, I clean my own home, I do the laundry, I take care of my man, and I make time for my friends and family. Can you imagine adding another 3-4 hours per week just shooting pictures?

So maybe the so called "quality" is not what you might be used to. But I hope you'll get used to it here. Because "Fashion", is just one portion of something even bigger. This blog is primarily designed to change lives. So enjoy the showdown. In true fashion, I scouted for the same if not similar products in case you're interested.

Let me know if you have any questions. Sign up for my website below for member-only exclusives coming up. I'm working now on developing some really cool s**t!! I love you for being here, hope sunshine will follow you everywhere you go.

This hallway btw, leads to my home office. LOL! #profi

Jeans – Bloomingdales.

The pumps were limited edition Aldo in collaboration with British luxury designers, Justin Thornton & Thea Bregazzi from Preen. Unfortunately they're sold out. But here's a link to Polyvore, where I found tons of really fabulous white shoes, many with asymmetric-cuts like the ones I'm wearing.