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Don't you wish there was a secret formula to staying young? Or maybe a well, filled with youth-water that we can drink from, and poof we're good to go? Who am I kidding? I DO!!

But there isn't one, is there? So what do we have to do to keep our face and hair healthy and in good condition for as long as we can? We have to take care of it. Invest the time necessary. Starting RIGHT NOW if you haven't already.

Religiously take your make up off at night. Clean your face, then moisturize it. Don't ignore the skin around your eyes and your neck and chest. Exfoliate. Do a steam session. Use a mask. Do that weekly. NEVER leave home without SPF, even on a cloudy day.

Give your hair love. Use sulfate-free products, run a mask through it, and leave-in conditioner. If you're using hot tools, use a product that is designed to go on your hair before hand to protect it as much as possible from the damage, and be sure to wash it as soon as possible, and do the coconut treatment I talk about in this video. Clean your hair brush with baking soda.

Don't let your beauty products expire. And if you have any in your drawers that are over 6 months old, toss them. They'll do more damage than good. Clean your make up brushes with brush cleaner, or face wash.

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Clear eyes (eye drops) – local pharmacy
Roc – Retinol Correxion (eye cream) – local pharmacy
Karin Herzog Mild Scrub (exfoliant)
Obagi-C (moisturizer) – check with your local dermatologist's office as well
Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream (moisturizer)
yes to cucumbers (moisturizer) – bought mine from Target
Shiseido SPF 60+
Mentha Lip Buffer (lip scrub)
Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint – in guava berry (lip balm)

Smashbox (concealer)
BB tinted treatment by tarte (tinted primer)
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (tinted primer)
Tweezerman eyelash curler and tweezers
Lancome L'Extreme (mascara) – got mine from Ulta beauty
Covergirl lashblast fusion (mascara) – local drugstores
Covergirl brown pencil – local drugstores as well
Mac Brow Set (brow gel) – mine is clear in color
Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush
I also use NYX (blush)
Urban Decay Glide-on Eye Pencil

Organic 100% Natural Coconut Oil – from your local whole foods or
Redken layer lift 07 (anti-frizz) – got it from Ulta
batiste Dry Shampoo – bought from Ulta beauty

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