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Beautiful friend, since the video category this week is Beauty and the theme is Summer, I wanted to share some of my favorite summertime beauty tricks and DIY ideas.

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1. I always recommend avoiding the blow drier and during summertime, we have the most, best and easiest opportunities to do so. Give your hair a break and let it air dry, but here’s a trick:

When leaving the shower, after wiping the hair with the traditional towel many of us use, grab a sheet of paper towel and dab the ends. Paper towel is far more absorbent and once you do that, you’ll notice your hair drying much faster!

2. Use SPF on your hair to protect the color. I like to use SPF in the summertime so my color doesn’t fade away as quickly as it does without, and save money from having to color it more often.

For my budget-conscious friends, here’s a recipe to make your own SPF:

1. 30+ water resistant Sunscreen
2. Heat protective spray
3. Leave-in conditioner (could be the one you're currently using)
4. Essential oils (I.e. vitamin E, eucalyptus, lavender)
5. Water (preferably pure)
6. Empty (clean) spray bottle

1. Take the spray bottle and pour a little bit of the water inside, just enough to where the ingredients that follow won’t stick to the bottom.
2. Fill the spray bottle with 1/3 of sunscreen.
3. Pour the equivalent of 4-5 squirts of heat protective spray.
4. Add the equivalent of 4 pumps of conditioner.
5. Add max 10 drops of essential oil. You can either stick to one, or combine different oils for their individual properties or mixture of aromas.
6. Fill what’s left of the space in the bottle with water, but leave enough room for the mixture to rise a little bit when shaken.

Store in a cool, dry place.
You can apply on dry or damp hair, but always shake the bottle before each use.

3. Avoid powdering the face to remove shine and sweat and use oil-blotting sheets instead, to avoid pores from clogging and potentially breaking out.

Now if you’re on a budget, a trick is to apply Milk of Magnesia (used to treat occasional constipation) onto the face as a primer which I hear can dramatically reduce the shine. Before using it on the entire face, test out a little area of the face and wait for 24 hours, to make sure your skin won't break out.

4. To heal a bikini rash, use Aspirin.
Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is an exfoliator and will help smooth bikini bumps quickly and could also help with the issue of in-grown hairs.

Crush 3 uncoated tablets of aspirin and mix them with a few drops of water until the tablets have dissolved and the mixture turned creamy.

Apply topically on the bikini area allowing for about 5-10 minutes to dry, then rinse off.

TIP: This mixture can also be applied directly on pimples to dry them off.

5. Help tame the frizzies and fly-aways with clear mascara. Get a tuble of clear mascara from the local drug store, and use the wand to smooth away the disobedient hairs.

6. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with that lipstick that’s left over in the tube but can’t really scoop out and use anymore, here’s an idea – DIY tinted lip gloss:

You’ll need:
1. Chap stick
2. Vaseline
3. Your favorite leftover lipstick or eye shadow
4. A small (chap stick size) container

1. Grab the chap stick and scrape it all out from inside. Place it in a tall cup that’s safe when heated up.
2. Add the lipstick for color.
3. Add enough Vaseline to make the mixture creamy (typically that would be the equivalent of the chap stick and lipstick combined).
4. Take a pot and fill it halfway with water then place the cup with the mixture inside. It’s the same concept as warming up a baby’s bottle. You don’t want any of that water to get into the mixture though, so either lower the amount of water in the pot, or use a cup that’s tall enough.
5. Place the pot with the bowl inside, on top of the stove and allow for the ingredients to melt.
6. Mix in the mixture so that the color becomes even.
7. Pour the mixture into the small container and let it cool either on the counter or in the refrigerator, then enjoy!

7. Since top knots increase in popularity during the summer, I recommend using only soft cloth ties because their design and soft material is kinder and more gentle on hair so it won’t pull and break as much when used.

Many of mine were purchased from Forever 21 and I have them in all different colors.

8. Get rid of the sweat stains with lemon juice.
To remove these stains from clothing, spray the area with fresh lemon juice before washing, or squeeze the juice directly on the stain. See which one makes the bigger difference – either way, there will definitely be a difference!

9. Use a primer to help the makeup last longer during hot days. Primer gives your base, bronzer and blush, something to hang onto essentially, therefore making the products last longer and reapplying less frequent.

10. With the long summer nights, come more fun and less sleep. Too give the eyes some spa-time, refrigerate a couple of raw potato slices, then lay them on top of the eyes for about 10-15 minutes to get that fresh-face-look back.

11. To achieve highlights this summer but give your hair a break from bleaching try a DIY natural hair mask to lighten the strands:

You’ll need:
1 cup of Warm water
3 tsp. Coconut oil
3 tsp. Honey
2 tsp. Lemon juice
1 tsp. Sea salt

Mix all the ingredients together real well then pour into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle then spray the mixture onto damp hair.

Put your hair up and cover with a shower cap and ideally leave overnight, or if during the day, allow the mixture to rest on your hair for an hour at the very minimum. Wash and condition as per usual.

You can also use this mixture when you’re at the beach while laying out in the sun.

Another (and more simple) recipe is this one:

You’ll need:
1 Part honey
2 Parts conditioner

Mix the ingredients together and add to damp or dry hair. Cover with a shower cap and like I said above, ideally you should leave this overnight. If you can’t, cover the hair so the heat gets trapped in the leave in for at least an hour before washing it away.

See which one of these recipes will work best on your hair, but either way, after about 4-5 times of doing this, you’ll notice that the hair will naturally start lightening up.

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I love you and wish you more than “summer love”, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Love always,

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