Summer 2016 Nail Art Tutorials

My favorite nail art looks with step by step tutorials, that are perfect for the beginning of Summer. I hope you'll enjoy!!



Look 1:
Essie #702 “Mint Candy Apple”
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod” (white)
Insta-DRI “Lightening” (yellow)


Look 2:
Milani “Electric Pink”
Laura G “Cotton Candy” (blue)
Laura G “Bubble Gum” (dark pink)
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod” (white)
Revlon #571 “Posh” (green)


Look 3:
OPI “We’re in the Black”
Sally Hansen #240 “B Girl” (teal)
Sally Hansen #220 “Celeb City” (metallic silver)
Essie “set in stones” (glitter)
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod” (white)


Look 4:
OPI “Stop It I’m Blushing” (base color)
Sally Hansen #170 "Pink Cadillaquer" (pink)
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod” (white)
OPI “We’re in the Black”

Seche Vite top coat


Dotting tools –
Silver striping tape –
Pure Color #10 Detail Brush –


With Love Always ♥︎ 
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