Winter Nail Art Tutorials

Welcome to a New Nail Art video beautiful friend!
Today we're going with the Holiday/NYE theme and I really hope you'll like what you see. In my email to you, you'll get a private video with 3 additional tutorials I didn't include in this public one. If you're subscribed, please check your inbox later today and if you'd like to join the email family, you can sign up below.

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Look #1:
Essie “Allure”
China Glaze 023 “White on White”
Sally Hansen 220 “Celeb City”
Essie “Stroke of Brilliance”

Look #2:
China Glaze 023 “White on White”
Sally Hansen 120 “Bare Dare”
OPI “We’re in the Black”

Look #3:
Sally Hansen 120 “Bare Dare”
Sally Hansen “Wine Stock”

Look #4:
Essie “Allure”
China Glaze 023 “White on White”
Revlon 57 “Posh”
Sally Hansen “Red my Lips”
OPI “We’re in the Black”

Look #5:
Sally Hansen “Pink Cadilaquer”
China Glaze 023 “White on White”
Nailtini 108 “Bloody Mary”

Look #6:
Bliss Kiss “Simply Peel” liquid latex –
CQ “Avoid Heat or Flame”
Sally Hansen 220 “Celeb City”
Essie “Set in Stones”
China Glaze 023 “White on White”

Look #7:
OPI “You Can Count on It”
Sally Hansen “Golden Rule”
Essie “Set in Stones”

Seche Vite top coat



Wide Straight tape –
Silver striping tape –
Pure Color #10 Detail Brush –
Dotting tools –
Deer Stickers & Stencils –
Nail studs –
Honeycomb Stencil –

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