Video OUTFIT – Food Control Tips

Hey there beautiful friend, how are you?

Ironically enough, considering that this was the first Fashion and Beauty video, there's not a whole lot of a fashion-parading going on. My footsies were shoeless, and I wore a one-piecer. A hot one though!!

Below are the details. Shout out if you read this, and say Hi in a comment below. I'm here waiting to say Hi back :D

I'm absolutely in love with this jumpsuit!! The colors are so vibrant. The silk is so comfortable and soft to the touch, and it's perfect for the summer! Give us a yacht, an XXL hat and shades, and we're Monaco-bound!!

I bought this fab piece several years ago from Arden B. I looked for almost an hour for anything similar to recommend to you, but I couldn't find anything. It's very Arden B style though, so I would recommend checking back on their site. They have other black ones too.