Food Control Tips – Additional Secret

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Hi again my beautiful friend!!

This week we talked about food control, and I gave you some healthy tips to help curb hunger and have a balanced approach to weight loss management. I said: eat from smaller dishes, order from the lunch menu at dinnertime, put the fork down in between bites – among many other tips, and there are many more up my sleeve. But- my videos are already super-packed with information and longer than the usual, so I'll have to break the content into different videos. With that said, I have an additional tip I wanted to surprise you with today :)

I already touched on the most common cause of hunger – dehydration, but did you know that hunger and cravings in general, also sneak up when we’re tired? Today's tip is to take a nap. If you have the time flexibility, Make. It. Work! Set an alarm so you're not subconsciously fearing over sleeping. Then put your phone on silent (Not vibrate), shut the door, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and to silence all the voices in your head, visualize yourself on vacation. Somewhere relaxing, on the sand maybe. You will be able to silence your thoughts the moment you put all your senses to work. So feel the sun on your face, hear and smell the ocean… Smile, and give into the fantasy. If you're like me, and a have a mind that can't rest during the day (or night), this exercise will help, and enable you some Zzzzz's.

Moving forward, be self aware. If you're hungry so soon after eating a hearty meal, instead of fixing up a snack right away, try drinking a tall glass of water, waiting 10 minutes and then seeing if you're still hungry. If so, ask yourself if it could be the fact that you're tired. If you think that would be the case, take a 20 minute power nap and get re-energized. Odds are, by the time you wake up you won't be hungry anymore. That's when it's perfect to put something healthy in your stomach, to fill it up, and not feel extreme hunger down the line, where you can't control what goes into your mouth :D #speakingfromexperience

I'm so proud of you and what you're doing. You should feel a sense of pride in yourself, for wanting to be better, look better, and live a better life. It's admirable! You're amazing! Don't let anybody or any voice inside your head tell you otherwise. You are on your way!!

Love you for reading this and watching my videos, I make them for you with all my love!!


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