Blending Chic with Cheap

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My beautiful friend, this week in the 15 Tips To Gain More Confidence video, I brought up the importance of dressing sharp. Whatever you wear, without you even noticing, will affect the way you see yourself, the way you carry yourself, and ultimately the way you interact with other people.

I want you to use this knowledge to your advantage. And since those who know me know that I'm the queen of looking chic for cheap, I'd like to show you HOW to blend affordable with a couple of more expensive pieces, and still look like a million bucks.

Not everything you're wearing 'has' to be expensive in order to look good. For some, the desire to wear and show off labels, doesn't necessarily come from the intransigent love of fashion. Several years ago, I used to have designer everything. And I LOVE fashion, I'm obsessed with it. Yet… I realized that my "label whoring" wasn't coming from a place of obsession with fashion. It was coming from a NEED to show off. Something in me needed the attention. On top of that, I wasn't confident enough with myself and what I had to bring to the table, so I would wear flashy crap to overcompensate and make up for my insecurities.

Years have passed and I've gone through experiences that would get anybody to want to be better and live a better life. So today, I finally know my self worth. I know who I am, and know what I have to offer. And the Channel, Gucci and Versace, are on the shelves most of the time, in favor of Target and Forever 21. Don't get me wrong though, I still (and always will) love to wear designer fancy schmancy stuff, but it will only be when the time is right, because I LOVE it, and not because I secretly need to overcompensate through expensive purchases.

I had to say that so you can better understand where I'm coming from, and know why you won't see me with labels out too often. What you CAN do is invest in pieces that are timeless, pieces that will travel through the years and still be in fashion, and the rest can be super affordable stuff.

Here are some ideas:

– black slacks

– black or white blazer

– pair of simple blue jeans

– black and nude pumps

– a black dress that can we worn day or night.

Items like these, in non-demanding colors, will go with everything and will never go out of style!

So let's break down this look I brought up in the video. I didn't incorporate any house designer items on this one, but I definitely introduced items that are not our typical $20.