Beautiful Skin – DIY beauty recipes

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” ― Edgar Allan Poe (click to tweet)

Say this out loud:

I am beautiful!

There’s nobody else like me!

I am worthy of good tips to take care of my skin!

I’ll share with you everything I know and help you feel really good about yourself!

❤ we do the work on the inside (Personal Growth videos).
❤ the work on the outside (Fashion & Beauty).
❤ we work on our interpersonal relationships (Relationships & Sex).
❤ and toward financial freedom and success (Career & Money).

This year is going to be our best year EVER Say it again!
This year is going to be our best year EVER!

Together we can make our lives better – inside, outside and all around us!

So in this week’s (outside) Fashion & Beauty video I’m sharing some amazing diy beauty recipes. They’re clean, easy to make and affordable because let’s be honest, that’s also very important! Something stands out to me if it’s natural, if it’s easy AND quick to make, and it’s inexpensive.

I want to help if you’re simply looking to rehydrate the skin, fight aging, or if you have problems with acne like I did, or rosacea. There’s something for everybody in this video and I hope you’ll find it of good use. I also emailed 7 more recipes I’m addicted to, in the newsletter that goes out once a week to my beloved email subscribers. If you’re not on the list, join below and I’ll send you an email with all the additional content you may have missed.

TAG ME in your pics using #lookAlexaP when you give these recipes a try, and tell me how it makes your skin feel.

Please share with me your tips as well, and please help me spread the word. I love you for watching!!



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ALEXAnism of the Week:

To be beautiful means to be YOUrself. Be whatever kind of beauty YOU want to be. You don’t need to be liked or accepted by others, you just need to like and accept YOUrself.

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