6 NAIL ART Tutorials | Spring 2016

Welcome back beautiful, here's a new (highly requested) nail art video. Thank you for your patience and thank you for suggesting these types of videos!

This time around I wanted to share with you 6 looks for spring – I have more I wanted to share with you so if you'd like to see a Part II with even more spring designs, please tell me and I'll do it for you.

Polishes Used:

Look #1:
Laura G “Desire” (purple)
Laura G “Jet Setter” (black)
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod” (white)
Sation “Of corset I’ll call you” (pink)


Look #2:
Sally Hansen #365 “What in Carnation?”
Sally Hansen #220 “Celeb City” (metallic silver)
Glitter from Born Pretty Store


Look #3:
China Glaze "White on White"
Sally Hansen #170 "Pink Cadillaquer"
Simply peel latex barrier from My Bliss Kiss
Rose water decal stickers from Born Pretty Store


Look #4:
OPI “Bubble Bath”
OPI “Never Give Up”
L’oreal #500 “Violet Vixen”
Sation “Of corset I’ll call you”
Butter “Jasper” (yellow)


Look #5:
Essie #702 “Mint Candy Apple”
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod”
Laura G “Bubble Gum”
L’oreal #500 “Violet Vixen”
Revlon #571 “Posh” (green)
Revlon #320 “Jaded” (light green)


Look #6:
Laura G “Jet Setter”
Sally Hansen #450 “Get Mod”
Butter “Jasper”


Laura G “So Gel-ish” top coat



Pure Color #10 Detail Brush – http://goo.gl/Z9XbJA
Dotting tools – http://goo.gl/QeGEwc


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