5 Nail Art Looks | Summer 2015

I get excited when I’m planning a new video format I’ve haven't done before, and my heart’s racing during every second of filming.

It raced a lot during this requested video – each tutorial took about an hour and a half to film. (set up, camera angles, lights acting out, the tutorial of course, etc.)

Filmed over 2 days; it was exciting, nerve racking, and I've learned a lot. And if you like it, I’d love to do something similar again in the future… Maybe Halloween ideas?

Back to this video.. The nail art shared isn't over the top, so everybody even at the beginners' stage can experience and enjoy the looks. If you'd like me to do more manicure designs and nail art tutorials, like and leave me a comment, I'm always listening. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Below are the polished use by order of looks – hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading this, for being part of my family and your unconditional support! I may not know you, but I love you!


Stay kind, stay lovely ♥︎



Look #1:
Sally Hansen “Lightening”
Sally Hansen “Let’s Snow”
Borghese “Notte Black”

Look #2:
Motives “First Dance”
Sally Hansen “What In Carnation”
Zoya “Blu”
Revlon “Café Pink”
Revlon Top Speed “Jaded”

Look #3:
OPI “My Claim To Flame”
Sally Hansen “Red My Lips”

Look #4:
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “B Girl”
Essie “Allure”
Milani “Diamond Dazzle”
Sally Hansen “Lightening”

Look #5:
Sally Hansen “Let’s Snow”
Borghese “Notte Black”

Seche Vite top coat

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