Video OUTFIT – 11 Amazing Tips To Close Sales

Hi beautiful friend, welcome to this week's fashion showdown!

In the Career and Money video where I gave you 11 Tips To Close Sales, I wore one of my favorite business-casual outfits, and the details are below. The outfit is in line with this season's black and white trend, stripes trend, and the flow of the top is so perfect for the hot summer days. It's a fun, yet still professional look that's not so stuffed and constipated. I usually like my shirts half tucked in the front, so you'll see a lot of that in my fashion blog.

I did my best to scout the web for links to the same (if not similar) items that I'm wearing, just to make it easy for you so I hope you'll enjoy it. Please let me know what your thoughts are, in a comment below. Have a great one!!

I love you for being here!! xoxo

The pants are from H&M. But since they don't sell online, I looked for a similar pair for you. And I found one from Asos. Check it out!

The top is from a local boutique.

The shoes are from Nine West. They're called 'Martina', and I have them in black leather.

Ring is Swarovski. They don't have that same exact one available anymore, but here's a similar one, and here's a second style in those colors.

Macy's bracelets. The 2 at the ends, I saw in their store a week ago still.

iPhone only pics with no filter.

11 Amazing Tips To Close Saleswatch it here.

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