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I wanted to make this video because if every one of us loved what we're doing, then we'd all be a whole lot happier and wouldn't be doing "work" Many of us don't love what we're doing but do it so we can afford to put food on the table. And for some of us, the workplace can be so miserable, that it literally consumes our whole lives, but we continue doing it for various reasons – an instable job market or fear of quitting being some of those reasons.

I've personally been in both these situations before – not loving my job AND being miserable, so I come from a place that's very familiar with this issue and really understand the struggles. Now – I do believe that things CAN get better and if a first generation immigrant from a struggling country with no collage degree can figure it out, you can too – and I believe that these next tips that I'm going to share, can make a big difference in your life.


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The first step I really believe cannot be skipped is figuring out WHY do you hate the job? Is it the people or the company that you work for, or is it that you're simply not passionate about what you're doing or you don't love the industry you're in.

The reason why it's so important to know these things before putting a blank statement over yourself that you "hate your job" – is because you could jump the gun and go to another company thinking that it will be better there, and end up unhappy again because the underlining reason was that you actually don't love the industry itself.

When we're feeling unhappy, we tend to confuse the situation a little bit and misunderstand the real reasons behind what we're feeling.

If it's the job itself, than the solution is to go to a different company. That's when you revamp your resume and I made a video about how to put together a creative resume, and start job hunting and networking, while cleverly marketing yourself. And I made a video about that as well. Both videos are linked below if you'd like to watch and get inspired.


Now if it's the industry that you hate, then you have to figure out what you'd love doing. And not just that, but find out what you'd love doing that can also comfortably pay your bills. I keep referencing past videos because if you know me, you know I don't like making videos that repeat content, so in the interest of time and quality new content, I will link a third video below, that's titled "How to find a job you love". It's a very detailed video with structured content, even Johnson & Johnson Careers tweeted about it, so even though it's an older video, it's not any less valuable, so that WILL be a great starting point.

I get a lot of messages and quite often I get questions like what should I do to feel better RIGHT NOW or what can I do to change things INSTANTLY and that scares me because the moments of happiness and success that are long term and sustainable don't happen like THAT! [snap fingers]. It's a process and many of us don't like that – I don't like that! But we can either choose to accept that and start shifting our view on things and start doing what's necessary, or risk continuously being unhappy and disappointed, because short term fixes don't work long term.

So while you're in this discovery phase and taking the steps from any of these 3 videos that I just mentioned, depending of course on where you currently are, and so now you're now preparing for success, here are some things to do while you still have to get up and go that job you hate every day.


The mind will be your everything during this time, so I recommend to start focusing more on what you want, rather than how much you hate your current situation and want to get away from it.

The first thing you could do is to think about developing skills. So rather than focusing on serving a sentence, you're shifting that focus toward developing or bettering a skill set that can lay your future foundation. So what can you learn or get better at? Is it Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Photoshop? Of course you would have know what your foundation needs first, that's why I started with the importance of figuring out where you are and where you want to go, because once you know those things, you'll also know exactly what's needed to get where you want to go.

Here you can and you SHOULD not only use some evenings when you get home or weekends to develop those skills, but also some lunch breaks to solicit tips from other coworkers that have the skills you want to learn. If you get asked why do you want to learn this, you can say it's something that looks really interesting and you're always excited to learn new things. Nobody needs to know….

When I immigrated to the States the only thing I knew how to do computer wise, was push the power button. I taught myself how to use all the Microsoft programs. Hell even with these videos I didn't have anybody teach me anything. I went online, I started watching tutorials and taught myself how to do everything that you see here. I do my own lighting and all my own editing. So research, read, watch and be excited throughout the day to go home and learn more. Learn the things that will get you where you want to be. That shift in attitude will be half the battle in dealing with the job you hate.


The next tip, and this is something that you'll need to do everyday, is develop the ability to not let the things that happen at work affect you.

One way to do this, is by envisioning an armored suit on your body. Strong, like a shield sort of speak that will protect you from the people and events around you, because they won't be able to get through the armor and to your skin. If that's tough to visualize, then imagine yourself surrounded by this beautiful, powerful golden light, an aura of protective energy so strong, that negative vibrations can't get through because they'd be repelled.

Whatever works for you, just take 2 minutes in your car or in the bathroom before walking into the work place, and put your protective shield on.

Another really practical exercise here is to visualize yourself in the white picket fence space that I talked about in a previous email that tagged along with the release of the video about How to not take things personally. If you haven't received that email because you're not part of the email family, you can sign up below and that same day, you'll receive a "welcome" message from me with a link to all the previously emailed content, nicely organized by video titles, so you can go to the one about taking things personally, read it and start practicing. The color-exercise from that email will be very beneficial as well, so between those to exercises and the armored shield you're wearing, you should see a notable difference and leave work less heavy and less affected by it.


The next tip is to have a visual reminder in sight that this job is just temporary.

I would avoid putting something that bluntly says "this is only temporary" because that will raise obvious doubts in the mind of your coworkers and management, and you don't want to add to your daily pressure the risk of endangering your current job, even sucky and all. If you're going for a quote or phrase, it should be something that only you can understand. For me, I had made a miniature vision board. I knew I wanted to do what I'm doing now – write and inspire other people, so on my little vision board I had a picture of a home office with white furniture and a laptop on the desk.

So take that dream that you have, attach a visual image to it and put that someplace where you'll see it frequently, so you're constantly reminded that this is about a bigger picture, and not the current situation.


One of the things I did while I was in that time period where I didn't love what I did and felt so down, is I incorporated comedy into my weekly routine.

You could listen to a funny radio show, podcast or CD on your way to work. Watch a sitcom or comedy every Sunday night, go to a comedy show during the week, Netflix something, there is a variety of things you could do to get some laughs and I recommend doing this as often as you can. I always watch something funny on Sunday nights even now because it takes my mind a little from everything I have to do come Monday. I also incorporate humor throughout the week and that's always helped me to keep moving forward.


Through all this, you have to remember that your job and what you do right now, is not who you are and it does not define your self-worth, so please do your best to not allow your CURRENT situation to convince you that you're something that you're not.

I wish that we could all do what we love from the get go. But for most of us, that's not the case. For 11 years I had to do various jobs I didn't like, some that I hated. I don't want to scare anybody, that "ooh la la… it could be a lifetime before you could do what you love" heck no, that was just for me, because I didn't start doing all these things I'm sharing with you, till later on, but the idea is that sometimes we have to do things that we don't love.

It sucks, it's not the ideal scenario, but sometimes things simply happen when we're ready for them. The fact that you're watching this right now, makes me believe that you're ready.

So FIGHT for what you want! Don't let things get the best of you! Strengthen your mind. Put in the time to do what's necessary, don't let haters and naysayers take YOUR power away from you and trust that when all your strengths are aligned, you WILL be that person living YOUR dream because opportunities will suddenly come even from the most unexpected places.


For more tips, please check your email or sign up (BELOW) and get all the extra content that I don't have time to pack in these videos, keep your chin up, back straight, shoulders back, and go after what you want.


I love you for watching, today and every day; and I hope that good luck and success will follow you everywhere you go! Thank you for watching … and good luck in the giveaway!


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