Made The Cover of Popular Psychology

Hello my friend, how are you? How've you been?

I'd like to apologize for the time I've taken since my last category blog and video. I have a good excuse though, I swear!

The 2013 launch was a public beta if you will, a way for me to test out the content and see what kind of response I get from you. The space I'm writing in is very competitive, so I wanted to make sure that I only put out content that's unique, easy to understand – watch and relate to, and after the initial 3 months of videos, I took time to figure out how to get better at it. How to make better videos, how to deliver the best kind of content to you, and in the most proficient ways.

And I think I got it! :) I've been making some changes and starting this year, I'll be focusing more on the community we're building here. The online members that have signed up for free. If you're one of them, I thank you from the bottom of my everything and promise not to disappoint you. It is YOU that will be getting exclusive additional content, tips and affirmations, access to giveaways and more.

As you know, owning your own business is hard work. It's even harder to run a blog/vlog like this in the same time. Each video takes about 15 hours per week because I don't want to half ass it: thinking of the topic, digging deep down inside for the tips, research and content development, recording and editing, etc. But I promise I'll start again soon, so please keep an eye out for the relaunch and let's stay connected! The first video I'll make is a part deux to the now popular "10 Tips to Get Over Depression". I've been getting lots of positive feedback about this video.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this exciting piece of news with you…

I recently made the cover of Popular Psychology. An online magazine full of content on personal development, relationships and career. About 83 pages to be exact. They were kind enough to feature my blog content on "How To Be The Most Perfect Partner" and a 4-pg interview spread.

If you're interested in reading more, you can download it here:

That's it for today. Ask me your questions anytime, keep in touch with me, and stay tuned for the new wave of videos, coming soon.

I love you for being here, watching and reading,


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