Video OUTFIT – How To Find a Job You Love

If there's one thing that I love, is adding some unexpected character to an outfit otherwise expected to be boring.

Dressing for work. What can be expected of an office attire? Slacks or a medium-length skirt, a jacket, maybe an unsuspected shirt underneath?

I believe that the fashion woman of today's day and age should express herself regardless of the environment. Sure, there's a certain decency expected in the work place, but nobody said 'dull'. What you wear makes you feel a certain way. If your outfit is 'blah', you'll feel 'blah'. Make sense, right?

So I encourage you to take chances, and give 'blah' some 'aah'. Here's how I gave my work outfit a fashion makeover:

The pants are H&M. Haven't found an exact pair, but I did find a similarly cropped one, that has some attitude yet it's still office-ready.

The blazer is Arden B and can be worn off the shoulders too, for a more sophisticated edge. They are out of the one I have, but you can find one anywhere. Here's a similar version from Victoria's Secret.