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My loves,

Too often we feel certain molds are characterized as “beauty”, but I’m here to encourage you to love and accept every bit of who YOU are and what you look like.

The problem with “molds” is that there’s no individuality. And the more women try to fit into a mold, the more they become bland, uninspiring and certainly not memorable.

Beauty comes in different shades, sizes, backgrounds and languages, and the more this world tries to be something that it’s not, the more those remaining true to who they are, will be the ones to look up to – the ones standing out. The ones capturing the attention of a room.

I encourage all my friends to do their best and fall in love with who they are. To mentally let go of what they “should” be and what the world thinks is the standard of beauty. Because my love… Your truth is perfect and your truth is memorable. And while there may be thousands or millions trying to fit a mold, there will only be one of YOU – and THAT is sexy as hell!!

In my life I’ve been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with celebrities, public figures, presidents and millionaires ten times over. And in those circles, I’ve always seen the “molds”, swarming through. The girls, having dinner salad as their only meal, and charging credit cards for couture, all in hopes of being seen as “beautiful”. I’ve also seen the process of deterioration in these “beauties” because a life lived outside the natural instinct is a lie – and in time, that lie will take a major mental and emotional toll, to mention – attract all the wrong people. The people that will never truly fulfill them, because they’re not the Right people for them. I hope that makes sense.

Don’t be that! And don’t buy into someone’s instagram feed either! I’ve known and known of, many women here in Southern California with the most enviable lifestyle. Or so – seemingly apparent. While behind closed doors, the same “enviable beauties” lived hooked on drugs and antidepressants.

The point in all this, is to encourage living an authentic life. Loving YOUrself and accepting YOUrself for who YOU are, and not trying to live up to smoke and mirrors, and a “mold” that’s not indicative of who YOU are!

Today I’ve put together some make up tricks that are universal. So you can use these ideas and enhance YOUR own beauty. To bring out those beautiful eyes, accentuate those lips that are perfect just the way they are, and live happily and authentically.

I’d love to hear some of YOUR tips too – please leave me a comment below, or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I love you so much beautiful!


#1. We’ve all had this happen – a month or two into a mascara, it starts drying out and as a result we get those ugly lumps in our lashes. And the more you pump that wand into the tub, the more you’re pumping air and the mascara dries out even faster.

To help prevent this from happening, add one or two drops of any brand eye drops into the tub, then rotate the wand inside to mix it together. The eye drops will soften the liquid and make applying the mascara more manageable.


#2. If you need to fill in your lower lashes, cut a little bit off the top of a felt tip eyeliner in the matching color of your lashes, and do tiny dots along the lash like. So rather than drawing a line, just go in and out filling in some of the spots.

The look will appear far more natural, while the lower lashes will look fuller.


#3. I LOVE this trick! So every beauty product has an expiration day (and below is a cheat sheet for your records). But rather than just throwing away an old eye shadow, mix a little bit of it, with a drop of Vaseline, to create a tinted moisturizing lip balm. How amazing is that?! :D


#4. If you have lips that get really dry really fast, then you and me have that in common. And sometimes with different shades of lipstick, the dryness not only impedes the product from gliding on smoothly, it looks scaly too.

This tip has made a real difference for me and I hope it will work for you too. Every other day in the morning (or as often as you need to) use a toothbrush (preferably a small one used on babies) to exfoliate. In a jar you can combine some coconut oil and sugar to make your own scrub, apply some on the lips, then gently rub away with the toothbrush. You can also replace the scrub with a little Vaseline and rub with that instead.

The lips will look and feel so much smoother after that, making the application of lipstick easier and the look of it more beautiful. If you do this consistently, it will be even better!


#5. The best way to apply eyeliner is to first warm up the pencil. You don’t need an open flame or anything crazy like that, holding up the blow-dryer to the pencil on hot setting for about 10 seconds will do the trick!

That pencil will glide down so much easier, just watch! And when it glides better, it won’t drag around the eyelid, leaving imperfections behind.


#6. How many times have you purchased a beautiful, vibrant color eye shadow, only to realize that it’s not so vibrant when applied?

To fix this issue, try applying a white base on your lid as a primer. I prefer a white pencil, preferably one that’s not overly creamy to get into the crease, or clump the makeup powder once applied. This is an easy way to make the color you like, look as vibrant on your lid as it does in the case.


#7. Many of us have heard about the trick of using a white eyeliner on the waterline of the lower lashes, to give eyes a brightening effect. I’ve tried that, and I look like a weirdo. It’s not a flattering look for everybody, and for that reason I’ve been using a light nude color instead.

In this week’s video you can see the one I use. It makes my eyes look brighter, without the “fakeness”.


#8. If you’ve tried using an eye lash curler but haven’t seen that big of a difference, hold the blow-dryer up to the curler for about 5 seconds. It’s a very similar concept as the curling iron your use in your hair. The heat will help mold the lashes better and last longer. I don’t encourage frequent use of this though, for the same reason I don’t encourage using hot tools on your hair daily. But for those special occasions… Well dang! :D


#9. There haven’t been many times when I applied mascara without getting some on my skin as well. The struggle is real! Lol

But the mistake many of us do, is to try to wipe it right away. Don’t do that! Because it’s so fresh, that mascara will smudge all over. Instead, give it about 30 seconds to a minute to dry, then with a q-tip wipe away and see just how easy and perfectly it’s removed.


#10. I’ve never been a big fan of foundation. Even when I had the really bad acne issues I shared with you and showed you pictures in past videos, foundation only seemed to make matters worse. It cakes up, if not the most perfect fit in color and texture it will look heavy, so all in all I typically stay away from it.

Since we may still need to even out the skin tone, if you don’t want to buy a BB cream, try mixing your moisturizer with a little bit of concealer, in a shade that will match the tone of your face. It will give you just the right amount of coverage and make the face look even, without looking caked and heavy.


#11. For all my girls wearing glasses – if you’d like to make your eyes stand out beyond the frames, color the lower lash line. For my brown eyes I prefer green.


#12. Makeup is so extraordinary it can even give the illusion of an eye lift. Using a makeup highlighter pencil, draw an arch above your eyebrow that mimics the brow shape, then blend it either with your finger or a beauty blender.

This trick gives the illusion of a slightly lifted arch, which will impact the overall appearance of your eyes.


#13. To help your eyeliner last much longer grab a small angled stiff brush, and go over the eyeliner with a shadow in matching color. It will help set it and make it last longer. 


#14. To make the lips appear plumper dab a little bit of highlighter (frosted blush or eye shadow) on your cupid’s bow and on the center of the bottom and top lips, after applying the lipstick. Gently tap the lip together to make sure it’s blended in properly and Ta-Da!


#15. I mentioned above that beauty products have an expiration date. Here’s a chart for your records, to know when it’s time to discard. This is especially important when talking about products that go around your eyes.

I hope these tips will help! Don’t forget to share some of your beauty tricks with the rest of us and remember to always love yourself… YOU are BEAUTIFUL!


Always with love,

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