Intro – Video Outfit

These pics have not gone through any fancy filters. I decided to share them raw, even at the risk of posting some unflattering angles. What the heck, why not?!

As I mentioned before, I don't believe in excessive spending. I think a wise woman, instead of spending $1,000 on a purse, sets that money aside, starts an IRA, or puts that money in a savings account later to invest. That's what I do, and I encourage more women to think of their future first. You can ABSOLUTELY look chic for cheap.

I think this outfit looks chic, and like I said in the Intro video, everything I have on, cost under $100. Funny though, without knowing it, most people think I spent hundreds.


The jeans are from Forever 21 in mint.

Shirt was also from Forever 21 – here's a similar one.


Light pink patent heels are Steve Madden and I got them from DSW on final sale.

The earrings are from a local boutique.

Chic for cheap ladies!!!



I had to post this one, check out how big this "small wireless mic" is! I had so many mic issues, I got this one last minute in an attempt to keep the May 25th launch of the intro video. I literally made a desperate run to Radio Shack, then came back home and started recording. Really surprised when this big boy couldn't hide underneath my shirt anymore!


I love you for being here, thanks for the read!



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