Video OUTFIT – 15 Tips To Gain More Confidence

Welcome back my friend!! If you watched this week's Personal Growth video on how to gain more confidence, then you probably recognize the outfit. It's actually one of my most favorite dresses.

I've never really been a short skirt, put-it-all-out-there and show 'em nuggets kind of girl, but especially once I entered my mid 20's I started gravitating toward medium to long lengths in my dresses. This is right in between the two, so length-wise it's good! I'm also obsessed with the snake print, the fluidity of the movement, and the cleavage that is deeper than you can see. It's sexy, but a little too much for the purpose of the video. On that note, here's what my mama taught me: "Don't put it all out there; leave something to the imagination."If you're showing leg, cover the boobs. If you're showing boobs, cover the legs. There's something sexy about that, that leave men (or other women) wanting more. :D